Wednesday, July 03, 2019

PM urges young IAS officers to bring in new ideas

A section of 2017 batch IAS being appointed as assistant secretaries

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday urged the newly-appointed GoI assistant secretaries to bring in new ideas and approaches to the government, adding that the confluence of experience and freshness would be beneficial to the system. Here below is what PM told the young IAS officers:

1. The officers should bring in a new vision, new ideas and new approaches in solving problems.
2. Each of the assistant secretary has a chance to influence policy formulation over this period of three months. (Assistant secretaries are appointed at the Centre for 3 months only, before they proceed to their individual cadres).
3. The objective of the programme (working as assistant secretary) is to infuse novelty and freshness into the working of the government. 
4. The confluence of experience and freshness are beneficial to the system.
5. The officers should approach the tasks given to them from a fresh and citizen-centric perspective.
6. The officers should try to come out with holistic solutions, to the problems assigned to them.
7. The young officers must relate the work they would do in Delhi, to their recent experiences in the field.

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