Thursday, November 08, 2018

Sonal Swaroop, IAS, was “physically hit and verbally abused”; Full text of IAS Association’s letter to defence secretary

Sonal Swaroop

THE IAS Association has strongly condemned the assault of its member and deputy commissioner of Arunachal Pradesh’s West Kameng district, Sonal Swaroop, by uniformed men belonging to 2nd Arunachal Pradesh Scouts Battalion, a part of Indian armed forces. Ms Swarup, a 2012 batch IAS, was physically hit and verbally abused, the Association said in a letter to union defence secretary. Here below is the full text of the letter written by Rakesh Srivastava, secretary of Indian Civil and Administrative Services (Central) Association and union secretary of the ministry of women and child development, Government of India:
Shri Sanjay Mitra, 
Ministry of Defence, 
South Block, New Delhi, 

Dear Sanjay, 
I am writing this letter in the capacity of President of the Indian Civil and Administrative Services (Central) Association. IC and AS Association strongly condemns the action of 2nd Arunachal Pradesh Scouts Battalion led by Col FB Firdauz and Adjutant Maj Kaushik Roy who vandalised government properties and physically assaulted the District Magistrate cum Deputy Commissioner, Superintendent of Police and other officials of the police station on November 2, 2018 in Bomdila, West Kameng district, Arunachal Pradesh. 

2. Indian Armed Forces have been known for professionalism, bravery, valour and respect for women and human rights. The entire nation takes pride in the Armed Forces. The coordination between Armed Forces and District Administration has always been cordial and have been working in tandem in interest of the nation, be it in disaster management, internal security, or maintenance of law and order. Armed Forces have always responded sometimes at eleventh hour in times of crisis at the call of District Administration. 

3. The incident as reported which took place in Bomdila, West Kameng District, Arunachal Pradesh, is a cause of grave concern. A woman IAS officer posted as District Magistrate cum Deputy Commissioner was verbally abused and stone-pelted when she ordered the armed 2nd Arunachal Scouts to disperse. 

4. The use of force in an area that has not been declared as disturbed area can only take place on the requisition of the District Magistrate under the direct supervision of an Executive Magistrate at the spot as per established law and procedure. In above-mentioned incident, none of the procedures and laws have been followed by officers and jawans of 2nd Arunachal Scouts. If such incident is allowed to go unpunished and not deterred through prompt, strong and firm action, it would not only embolden such perpetrators but also shake the basic foundation of institutions built over years. 

5. The CS and AS Association, therefore, while standing behind Dr Sonal Swarup, IAS, District Magistrate cum Deputy Commissioner, West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh who displayed exemplary courage in handling the delicate situation despite being physically hit and verbally abused, strongly condemns the incident and urges all the authorities to ensure that alleged perpetrators are brought to speedy justice so that such incidents remain an aberration in the otherwise illustrious legacy of the armed forces. 

Your sincerely 
Rakesh Srivastava
Secretary, Indian Civil and Administrative Services (Central) Association
And Secretary, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India 

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