Monday, June 18, 2018

List of comments from retired and serving officers on Delhi's IAS-Neta impasse

Clipping Photo Courtesy: IAS Association Twitter

AGMUT cadre IAS officers on Sunday held an unprecedented press meet in New Delhi's Press Club of India to reiterate how they were not on any strike, and are, in fact, discharging their duties in Delhi administration. The officers, however, added that they skipped some meetings called by the ministers as they were concerned about their safety and dignity after the assault of the Delhi chief secretary at 12 midnight on February 19, 2018. After the press meet of the IAS officers, CM Arvind Kejriwal softened his stand saying that the “officers are part of my family”. But will this lead to any resolution anytime soon? BoI here picks out comments from a few officers -- both serving and retired -- on this IAS versus Neta impasse:
Manisha Saxena, 1996 batch AGMUT cadre IAS
We are not on strike. At times we also work on holidays…We were shocked and scared after what happened with the chief secretary. 

Varsha Joshi, Delhi Transport Commissioner, 1995 batch IAS 
So many lies, so much defamation, such shrill demonising of honestly working public servants. There is zero pen down. All statutory meetings are being attended.

K Sujatha Rao, 1974 batch retired IAS, former health secretary
Unbelievable that IAS officers can go on "strike". They have constitutional responsibilities. How can they be so irresponsible? And the LG just looks the other way? Quite a bad precedent and yet another blow to the so-called iron frame holding the country together.

Dr Arvind Mayaram, 1978 batch IAS and former union finance secretary
They (IAS officers) should rise to the occasion and meet the CM and assure him that they would with renewed vigour work in coordination with political executive in public interest. This ugly chapter must be put behind by everyone.

Pavan K Varma, former IFS officer and present JDU leader
While condemning the alleged misbehaviour against the CS, now that the CM’s has assured IAS officers regarding their safety, and appealed to them to resume their mandated duties, they must do so immediately, for the people of Delhi.

Anil Swarup, 1981 batch IAS and HRD secretary
Who is on strike? अब aap ही निर्णय करें ” (posting two photos, one of Kejriwal and other ministers sleeping on sofas and the other showing the IAS officers attending a meeting)

IAS Association
We stand by our colleagues in Delhi and demand safety and security of all IAS officers and Government officials. Threats and physical violence have no place in a civilised society.

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