Friday, September 30, 2016

New cadre structure of Indian Information Service approved; total officers: 573; higher grade: 3; selection grade: 11…

AFTER the completion of a new cadre review process, Indian Information Service (IIS) officers will now have three higher grade and 11 senior grade posts, according to an order issued early this week by the Information and Broadcasting ministry, Government of India. Last month, the Union cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the cadre review process that discussed the addition of...
two posts at apex level, five at higher administrative grade and 19 posts at senior administrative grade level with matching reduction at other levels. The restructuring was meant to address the problem of existing stagnation in the IIS cadre and also improve the career prospects of IIS officers.
According to the order which received the consent of President of India, the following is the revised cadre structure of the IIS—
Total cadre strength: 573
Higher Grade: 3
Selection Grade: 11
Senior Administrative Grade: 55
Junior Administrative Grade: 119
Senior Times Scale: 140
Junior Time Scale: 245
Indian Information Service, which used to be known as Central Information Service, was set up back in 1960. Later, it was bifurcated into IIS Group “A” and Group “B”. 
IIS officer begin their career as assistant directors before getting elevated as deputy director, then director/joint director, additional director general (ADG), director general (DG) and principal director general — the highest post an IIS officer can hold.

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