Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Want an 8-year-tenure in Delhi? Grab one of these 5 NITI Aayog posts

THE Central government has decided to fill up five vacancies of deputy secretary or director level posts in the National Institution for Transforming India Aayog— or NITI Aayog under Central Staffing Scheme on lateral shift basis. This will give an opportunity for the selected officers to have a longer tenure in Delhi, upto a period of eight years, as this later shift “would entail additional...
tenure of three years as per the special dispensation allowed for appointment in NITI Aayog that permits total deputation tenure up to 8 years on shift to NITI Secretariat or vice versa”, said the order dated July 4, 2016. In fact, officers working at deputy secretary or director level in different ministries or departments under the Central Staffing Scheme or Non Central Staffing Scheme will be eligible to apply for these posts.
The order, however, comes with some clarifications: “The +3 option would be available only to those officers who are already working on a CSS/Non-CSS post. The additional tenure is subject to completion of two years on the present stint on the CSS/Non-CSS post and  availability of cadre clearance. In the absence of cadre clearance (for +3 tenure), the tenure will be restricted to the balance period of four/five years central deputation tenure”. 
The order says, the vacancy information needs to be circulated on a priority basis. And the names of the willing and eligible officers who can be spared by the ministries or departments may be forwarded to DoPT along with the approval of the minister-in-charge, cadre clearance (for +3 tenure), vigilance clearance, detailed bio-data in the enclosed proforma and attested copies of ACR(s) for the period for which they have worked under CSS/Non-CSS.
Eight years stay for officers in Delhi has become quite rare these days, and many officers have even been prematurely repatriated to their respective cadres. In this context, these vacancies are definitely attractive for deputy secretary or director level officers wanting to continue for some more years in Delhi before going back to their cadre.

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