Monday, July 18, 2016

Fake Officers: One “IAS” and one “IPS” arrested last week; Are there more such fake officers at large?

LAST week, authorities in Mumbai and Hyderabad in two separate cases caught two fake officers — one “IAS” and another “IPS” after both of them defrauded innocent people. The instances of English-speaking frauds posing as IAS, IPS and duping ordinary businessmen, have grown, leaving the police to be extra-cautious of fraudsters posing as senior officers. Here, one Suresh Yadav, 42, from Uttar Pradesh’s Sultanpur, landed up in Mumbai and duped four individuals of Rs 25 lakh in just one month after posing as a "suspended IAS" officer. According to media reports, Yadav became so audacious that after…
reaching Sultanpur from Mumbai and committing various crimes, he actually called up a local police station in Sultanpur, asking for a beaconed vehicle so that he could reach home from the railway station. No wonder, unsuspecting police officers in the local police station sent an escort vehicle and a beaconed car to drop the imposter at his home. All this was before his frauds got exposed, and he was eventually arrested last week.
In another instance, a fake “IPS” officer and his three of his accomplices were arrested by Santosh Nagar police in Telangana on Saturday, and Rs 10,000 was recovered from them. The man who posed as “IPS” and claimed he was a “deputy director of CBI” investing a land dispute case, was later identified as Huli Raj Goud. He was arrested. He duped a man Rs 50,000. The victim after suspecting his behaviour approached the police station leading to the fraudster’s arrest. 
Early this year, the then Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi saw a Fortuner SUV car in the city with Delhi Police sticker pasted on it. The car was driven by a woman and another man was sitting on the front seat. After having suspicion, the then Delhi top cop stopped the car, and as it turned out one Vivekanand Sharma, who was sitting on the front-seat, posed as Assistant Commissioner of Police, Vigilance and misused the Delhi Police’s name. The 47-year-old man soon found himself in Tihar jail.
As instances of such fraudsters posing as senior officers have increased over the years, the question arises whether there are still such "officers" at large who have been duping people and still surviving?


  1. Sad no doubt but what the real fraud are the hundreds of "real" IAS/IPS officers who digest money/perks/power and do nothing for people.

    The difference in attitude of government officials between USA and India is shocking. In the USA bureaucrats genuinely behave like servants of the people whereas in India arrogance and irritation are the only things found and ordinary non-connected people suffer greatly when they need help.

    Maj Gen. (ret) Satnam Singh

  2. There's actually one ips vivekananda Sharma from 2014 batch who is ACP.this fraudster was impersonating him