Friday, July 08, 2016

Bureaucrats in Delhi to play day and night cricket to “unwind from hectic office schedules”

COME September, bureaucrats working in the Central government will participate in a day and night inter-ministry cricket tournament, the first of its kind being organized by the Central Civil Services Cultural and Sports Board. The purpose, according to a circular dated July 6, 2016 and issued by Central Civil Services Cultural and Sports Board said, this will help the bureaucrats to “unwind hectic office schedules”. Though inter-ministry crickets were organized earlier, this is the first time, it’s planned to be a…
day and night exercise. The tournament is proposed to be held in either September or October this year. The circular has further asked employees of various ministries and departments to submit their comments and suggestions regarding holding of the tournament. The possible venue of the tournament has not been mentioned in the circular.
The circular said: “The Central Civil Services Cultural and Sports Board (CCSCSB) proposes to organize the 1st Day and Night Inter-Ministry Cricket Tournament for all Ministries/Departments of government of India. Participation of Central government employees in the tournament would give them opportunity to unwind from the hectic office schedules in the evenings”.

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