Friday, May 13, 2016

Do you know each ministry is required to maintain a list of officers of doubtful integrity? 10 things on efficiency review rules

DO YOU know each ministry is required to prepare and maintain a list of officers of doubtful integrity? Or, do you have any idea under what rules, the government can ask an officer to leave the service on the ground of public interests? Based on the answers given in Parliament during this current session, BoI compiles 10 things about efficiency review rules:

1. The Central government reviews officials on grounds of performance and efficiency.
2. Fundamental Rules, All India Services Rules and other Service Rules provide for retirement in public interest.
3. While reviewing, the ministries and departments take into consideration the parameters such as the entire service record and performance of the officers. 
4. Each ministry or department is required to prepare and maintain a list of officers of doubtful integrity.
5. Under Rule 56(j) of Fundamental Rules, review is done at the age of 50/55 years for Group A and B officials and at the age of 55 years for others.
6. According to provisions of All India Services (Death cum Retirement Benefit) Rules 16(3), interalia, review is done on completion of 15/25 years of qualifying service or on attaining the age of 50 years as the case may be.
7. Provisions for review have been reiterated from time to time, more recently in September 2015 and in April 2016.
8. Rules also provide that each communication received from the Member of Parliament, a member of the public, a recognized association or a public body has to be acknowledged within 15 days, followed by a reply within the next 15 days of the acknowledgement sent. These issues are also factored in performance reviews.
9. The government from time to time issues instructions to ministries/departments regarding time bound submission of proposals to the respective cadre controlling authorities, for initiating disciplinary proceedings against officers.
10. Disciplinary action including compulsory retirement is taken under the provisions of Central Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, All India Services (Discipline and Appeal) Rules and other Service Rules as applicable to various Services on completion of enquiry.
(Source: Written replies to questions in Lok Sabha)

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