Friday, March 11, 2016

PM spells out his tax sutras during 45-minute-long interaction with IRS probationers; 6 prescriptions

A section of IRS probationers
WHEN 167 probationers of the Indian Revenue Service called on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday, it turned out to be a long 45-minute interaction. PM recalled several anecdotes from his life and his political experience, to explain the importance of a sensitive and humane approach, that is required from civil servants, according to a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) on Thursday. Here are six prescriptions that the PM had for the young IRS officer trainees:

1. Keep a sense of trust for the people of India, in course of their work.
2. Overwhelming majority of people in the country are law-abiding, and wish to comply with laws in the interest of the nation.
3. Honest taxpayer should not be harassed, even as the officers perform their duty of implementing the government’s revenue policy.
4. Revenue officers should ensure that all people-friendly initiatives of the Government reach the people on priority.
5. Revenue officers must feel that each and every citizen of this country is a part of the officers’ family.
6. If this spirit prevails, the officers will be able to work with vigour and enthusiasm, and even the question of exhaustion will not arise.

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