Friday, January 01, 2016

5 predictions for bureaucrats in 2016; will bureaucrats hesitate to come to Delhi?

Happy New Year. At the dawn of the Year 2016, it’s difficult to forecast how the year will turn out to be for India’s civil servants working both at the Centre and the states. Will they be a happier lot after receiving a new pay package? Will productivity of civil servants increase in 2016? Or, will more bureaucrats hesitate to come to Delhi? Here are 5 forecasts for corridors, not based on any astrological calculation, but on simple logic:

1. For bureaucrats in India across ranks, if one thing that they are looking forward to in 2016 is the early implementation of the 7th Central Pay Commission, something that is going to give them a hike in pay and allowances. The empowered committee of secretaries is being constituted and the Cabinet will take the final call on the matter. But there is no guarantee when the government will actually implement the CPC recommendations, though the effective date of January 1, 2016, is unlikely to be changed. For many, expectations are not just hike of pay, but a contentious issue of “pay parity” where the Commission’s verdict was fractured, and also mitigation of what many call “injustice” meted out to them for decades.
2. For the civil servants serving in the Central government ministries and departments, life won’t change much. It’s unlikely that the work pressure on them will lessen by any degree, and “no golf”, “no long lunch in Gymkhana” may continue during the year.
3. The Government, read PMO, is likely to be more compassionate towards the bureaucrats this year. There could be more interaction between the PM and senior bureaucrats, something that will allow well-meaning bureaucrats come closer to PM. As the PM is set now in Delhi, and he does recognize the strength and weaknesses of most senior bureaucrats, there is a strong possibility that PM will start rewarding a handful of performing bureaucrats by accommodating them in suitable positions even after retirement.
4. Many bureaucrats may however continue to be the scapegoats and find themselves in high-voltage crossfire of political rivalry, as is being seen in Delhi now. The real corrupt may go scot free whereas those who call spade a spade could become victims of political witch-hunt.
5. The states with more money in hand, thanks to the favorable formula suggested by 14th Finance Commission, is likely to the main theatre of action. More bureaucrats, particularly of the well-off states such as Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh etc. won’t be desperate to come to Delhi on deputation. Nor will there be heartburn once those in Central deputation have to go back to the states at the end of their deputation tenure.


  1. It seems that bureaucrats only seem to be interested in lal batti and servents and bossing over everyone. Central deputation should mean more scope to work not to show authority. One should learn from Indian armed forces respect them bureaucrats or you might find yourself at gunpoint if the forces want a coup

  2. Delhi is paradise of policy and decision makers but during last sixty years manner of governance indicate following results which speak loudly :

    1. Steep rise in air pollution and traffic congestion due to implementation of automobile policy ignoring need for efficient public transport systems , environment laws and traffic load capacity on road etc.

    2. Due to steep rise in corruption at every level and questioning of legal authority of CBI by Guwhati High Court led failure and collapse of govt systems and need complete overhauling ,

    3. Rise in crime graph like rape , fraud , forgery etc , as per NCRB annual report , indicate collapse of crime dealing systems in the country ,

    4. Judicial activism has taken over Executive and Legislative which is not good sign for democracy like India ,

    5. Ignorance of Constitution Of India among citizens , executive , politicians , media etc leading India towards civil wars like situations ,

    6. Good Governance has taken back seat as due to Parliament logjam and non application of mind issues of national importance like GST etc sabotaged by people's Representatives.

    7. Ranking and ratings of Indian Bureaucracy is down among world bureaucracies inspite of best of training etc ,

    Above situations suggest that it is time for introspection by all concerned stakeholders etc.