Tuesday, December 01, 2015

PMO asks for explanation from 5 junior officials about their lackadaisical attitude

Additional Principal Secretary to PM PK Mishra
THE Prime Minister's Office (PMO) has taken note of the casual approach of five junior officials including clerks who neither turned up for scheduled interactive sessions in the PMO nor even bothered to inform it regarding their inability to turn up for the same. Last week, the PMO in an unusual move sent notices to the ministries and departments where those officials were currently working, directing the departments to seek explanation from the officials as to why...
they “did not appear for the interaction and inform the same to PMO”.
The interactive sessions were related to assessing suitability of the officials for possible posting in the PMO.
Those who missed the PMO sessions include Devender Satti, PS, of the department of commerce, Sunil Kumar, LDC, of the department of youth affairs, Sudip Banerji, PS, of the ministry of earth sciences, Ganesh, PA, of the ministry of social justice and empowerment, Subramanya Srinivas Kabul, PA, also of the ministry of social justice and empowerment and Raj Kishore Rai, LDC, of the ministry of steel.
It’s believed that many junior officials and clerical staff are actually reluctant to work in the PMO where everyone is under strict vigil.
In fact, the PMO issued five separate office memorandums dated November 27, 2015, directing the ministries and the departments concerned to seek explanation from the officials who did not turn up in the PMO sessions.
It’s quite unusual that the PMO issues formal office memorandums asking ministries concerned to seek explanation about lackadaisical attitude of some junior officials. All those office memorandums are placed on public domain for everyone to read.
It’s however not immediately known whether the PMO would actually take action against the officials if they fail to provide satisfactory answer.

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