Thursday, December 24, 2015

“Every cop should practice yoga before starting the day”—what all PM wants India's 1.8 million policemen to do

LAST weekend, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Dhordo located in Rann of Kutch of rural Gujarat to attend the 3-day-long conference of state Directors General of Police (DGP). There is no clarity on what all happened during the conference, as media was debarred from attending the it. Yet, based on source-based reporting, some newspapers and television picked out what all PM said, and what were interesting sidelines. Here is a reconstruction of what PM wanted the nation's policemen and women to do:
1. Every policeman should practice yoga before starting the day.
2. Police stations may even hire yoga teachers to help cops doing the Yoga properly.
3. Police should use both traditional media (print and electronic media) and even social media for their advantage.
4. Pro-active interactions between policemen and journalists are essential.
5. Sensitivity is vital of policing. There is a need to up institutional framework so as to establish links with local communities (mainly to de-radicalize youths)
6. Greater interactions between the police forces of neighbouring districts needed.
7. Need to prepare lists of contact details of all policemen in the country and the state DGPs should prepare the list before January 26. (PM is planning to send SMSes on that day, wishing them the Happy Republic Day)
Those in the know also say that Modi spent time in informally interacting with state police chiefs during lunch, dinner etc. Last year, there was a similar conference in Guwahati where the emphasis was on smart policing. In the Dhordo (Rann of Kutch) one, the focus was clearly on sensitive policing, not just smart policing. Till 2013, the annual DGP conference was always held in New Delhi.

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