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Poll-bound Bihar has 41 IPS vacancies; 39 Bihar cadre IPS officers are serving outside the state

AK Sinha, legendary Bihar cop
WITH the Election Commission of India likely to announce the dates of high-voltage Bihar assembly polls next week, BoI attempts to assess the strength of the Indian Police Service (IPS) officers in the state. After all, political slugfest over crimes in Bihar has already begun during the recent political rallies which were addressed by heavyweights across parties. As many as 190 IPS officers have currently been working under Bihar cadre out of which 39 IPS including CBI director AK Sinha and other seniors such as Rajiv Ranjan Verma of 1978 batch and Krishna Choudhary of 1979 batch have been on…
the Central deputation. According to data as on January 1, 2015, the sanctioned strength of IPS officers in Bihar is 231 out of which 190 being in position and the remaining 41 vacant. This information was given in a reply to a question asked in Lok Sabha on April 21, 2015. The states such as Uttar Pradesh (129 IPS vacancies), West Bengal (98 vacancies), Odisha (79 vacancies) and Karnataka (59 vacancies) and Jammu and Kashmir (49 vacancies) are however worse off if compared with that of Bihar, the same piece of statistics shows. Here is the list of 39 IPS officers who are now on Central deputation.
1. RAJIV RANJAN VERMA (1978 batch)
2. KRISHNA CHOUDHARY (1979 batch)
3. ANIL KUMAR SINHA (1979 batch)
4. SATISH CHANDRA JHA (1981 batch)
5. ARK KINNI (1981 batch)
6. SK SINHA (1983 batch)
7. RAJESH RANJAN (1984 batch)
8. RAKESH KR MISHRA (1986 batch)
9. SHEEL VARDHAN SINGH (1986 batch)
10. ASHOK KR. VERMA (1986 batch)
11. DINESH SINGH BIST (1987 batch)
12. AS RAJAN (1987 batch)
13. SANJEEV KR SINGHAL (1988 batch)
14. MAN MOHAN SINGH (1988 batch)
15. SMT SOBHA OHATKER (1990 batch)
17. NEERAJ SINHA (1990 batch)
18. B SRINIVASAN (1992 batch)
19. SUNIL KUMAR JHA (1993 batch)
20. ARVIND KUMAR (1993 batch)
21. NIRMAL KUMAR AZAD (1994 batch)
22. S RAVEENDRAN (1995 batch)
23. SMT R MALAR VIZHI (1995 batch)
24. JAGMOHAN (1995 batch)
25. SUDHANSU KUMAR (1996 batch)
26. NAYYER HASNAIN KHAN (1996 batch)
27. DR  KAMAL K SINGH (1996 batch)
28. ANIL KISHORE YADAV (1996 batch)
29. SANJAY SINGH (1997 batch)
30. ON BHASKAR (1997 batch)
31. AMIT LODHA (1998 batch)
32. AMRIT RAJ (1998 batch)
33. SMT KS ANUPAM (1998 batch)
34. MALOTHU RAMULU NAYAK (1998 batch)
35. GANESH KUMAR (2000 batch)
36. RAKESH RATHI (2002 batch)
37. P KANNAN (2005 batch)
38. SUJEET KUMAR (2006 batch)
39. SMT S PREMALATHA (2006 batch)

Official documents have claimed that policing in Bihar is more than 3000 years old, as there are documented historical references to policing practices adopted by the Magadh Empire.
One of the most prominent cops from the state was AK Sinha who was the first Indian to become an IGP of any province. BN Mullick, the founder of the Intelligence Bureau also hailed from the state. 

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