Friday, September 25, 2015

Can ill-health of a one-year-old daughter be a reason for inter-cadre deputation of an IAS? Govt says “no”

ILL health of a one-year-old daughter of an IAS officer can’t be a reason for the officer’s inter-cadre deputation, a meeting chaired by DoPT secretary Sanjay Kothari has concluded. The case is regarding 2010 batch Manipur cadre IAS Shyam Lal Poonia’s request for an inter-cadre deputation to Rajasthan, his home state. The officer applied for inter-cadre deputation on the grounds of “ill health of his one year and two months old daughter”. The committee was further informed that the wife of the officer is…
working under Haryana government, and hence is away from Rajasthan. But the Kothari-headed panel in a meeting dated September 22, 2015 decided not to recommend the case of the officer for inter-cadre deputation from Manipur to Rajasthan cadre as “the officer has not completed required 9 years of service in his parent cadre”. The meeting concluded that the proposal was not covered under the existing deputation policy.
32-year-old Poonia hails from Rajasthan and was allotted Manipur cadre. He did his MSc in agriculture before getting into IAS. In the state, he has been working as secretary of Manipur Public Service Commission and director of the department of tourism.
The Kothari-headed committee also took up the case of 2003 batch AGMUT cadre IAS BR Babu who had requested for inter-cadre deputation from AGMUT cadre to Karnataka cadre on the grounds of “higher education of his daughter” and “to look after the aged and ailing parents” for a period of two years. As the officer has completed 9 years of service, he was eligible for the inter-cadre deputation, but the committee found that he has not reached what’s called “Super Time Scale”. The committee hence directed that comments of MHA (being the cadre controlling authority) and the government of Karnataka may be sought, and thereafter the "proposal may be put up expeditiously for consideration and approval of ACC".

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