Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Photo of a swanky Bengaluru police station attracts crowd in social media; any clue on CBI glass building?

KARNATAKA cadre IPS officer Abhishek Goyal, someone who did B Tech in computer sciences from IIT-Delhi before joining the police service, is a regular in the world of Twitter. On Monday, he posted a few photos with this caption: “new Police Station building in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Wow! #betterThanMyOffice”, a post that left many people to…
comment in the next few minutes. In fact, police stations across the country are in shambles and no one will dare a comparison between a Thana (police station) and an MNC office. But after seeing the Goyal-posted photos, one reader commented: “It looks like an MNC building”, but he was quick to add, “I hope people may see police officers who can understand poor people's problems”. Another commentator talked about the motivating factors - working conditions and environment.
While a serious commentator said he was happy to see this because “the police force needs better infrastructure and working conditions”, another commentator just added some humor: “Pls post some pics of the lockup cell too. Seriously”. Another warned that if it’s not maintained properly, it will soon be just another police station.
In fact, the photos posted in social media were those of RM Nagar police station located in Bengaluru. The police station was shifted only last Friday from one rented accommodation.
It may be added here that the headquarters of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is one of the state-of-the-art buildings. The CBI glass building located in CGO complex in New Delhi is such an iconic building that no can afford to miss. It has 14 stories including two basements in it. The government-owned National Buildings Construction Corporation (NBCC), which built it with a budget of over Rs 200 crore in 2011, made it a point to use reflecting and toughened glass so as to make it a highly energy-efficient building. By the way, there are customized prison cells inside the building!

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  1. excellent work done by KSPH&IDCL under the MD Shri Seemant kumar singh IPS and his team of enginneers and architects