Friday, June 26, 2015

Job for JS level officer in Washington; applicant-officers asked to write 250 words on their suitability

Indian Embassy, Washington
IN WHAT could be termed as unusual in government's appointment process, the Centre has asked candidates to write 250 words indicating the candidate’s suitability while applying for the post of Minister (Economic) in the economic wing of Embassy of India in Washington. The post is at the level of...
joint secretary of Government of India, and will be administratively under the department of economic affairs (DEA) which in turn comes under the finance ministry.
While applying for the post, the candidate will need to submit his or her bio-data and also "a write-up of 250 words indicating why the candidate feels he/she is suitable for the position". Usually, no government officer needs to write about oneself, or why he or she is interested for the job, for applying any kind of government post.
For the Minister (Economic) post, the applicant must have been empanelled as joint secretary to Government of India, but must not be senior enough to get empanelled as additional secretary in the next three years.
The officer must have worked for at least two years at the Centre under the Central Staffing Scheme.
The officer must be below 54 years of age.
The officer should be clear from vigilance angle and his or her integrity certified, according to the mandatory requirements needed for applying.
Further, the officer should have prior work experiences in trade, commerce, industry, finance, foreign investment, export promotion, internal development corporation etc.

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