Thursday, March 26, 2015

Secretary Alok Rawat pitches for online registration of FIR, self-defence training for women

Alok Rawat, 1977 batch Sikkim cadre IAS and secretary in the department of administrative reforms and public grievances, has suggested a slew of measures for the government including online lodging of FIR and self-defence training for women on a mission mode. Rawat, who is retiring in July this year, has made these suggestions under a government’s new initiative called Anubhav in which retiring employees submit online the commendable work done by them and also give ideas for the government. Here are Rawat’s suggestions for the government:

1. 100% coverage of Central government employees by Aadhaar number. Similar coverage is needed for state government employees too. Special campaign is needed to cover Central and state government pensioners as well.
2. Strict implementation of road safety rules relating to use of seat belts and helmets. Mortality in road accident cases gets reduced if the victim is taken timely to hospital. Change in societal mind-set is required, as many a time people avoid getting involved due to perceived legal complications.
3. For safety of girls and women, self-defence training needs to be imparted on a mission
4. Online lodging of FIR.
5. Water conservation in general and ground water in particular need to be undertaken on a mission mode. The on-going underground aquifer mapping programme needs to be expedited and analyzed for optimal utilization benefits.
6. The experience of Gujarat in rainwater harvesting in Minsar river basin be replicated in coastal areas.
7. Wind Atlas has been prepared for the country by the ministry of new and renewable energy. The utilization of wind energy potential needs to be encouraged, where habitations are located away from local grid.
8. Improved road and rail connectivity in the North eastern region and in Himalayan states.
9. To take advantage of the window of demographic dividend, which is available for five years or so, skilling has to be taken up on a war-footing, particularly in areas dominated by the poor and the disadvantaged.

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