Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Babu Marriage: Know more about 10 young bureaucrat couples

DURING THE last many decades, marriages among bureaucrats have been taking place quite regularly, making babu marriage not a new trend at all. Officer trainees do meet at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) in Mussorie, go out for field visits and trekking together, get attracted to each other, and many of them end up tying the knots once their training gets over. Here are 10 babu marriages of the recent time:

March 2015 (Month of Govt Approval for Cadre Change)
1. 2013 batch IAS Kritika Batra of Jammu and Kashmir gets married to Andhra Pradesh cadre IAS of the same batch Himangshu Shukla. Both will now be posted in Andhra Pradesh cadre. 26-year-old Kritika Batra is an MCom from Delhi University whereas Shukla, 29, is a graduate in Nautical science.
2. 2012 batch Assam cadre IAS Ajay Kamar Tomer gets married to 2013 batch IAS Sangeeta Tetarwal of Haryana cadre. Both are now in Haryana. 32-year-old Tomer is a product of IIT-Kharagpur. Sangeeta Tetarwal, 29, completed her MBBS before getting into IAS.

January, 2015 (Month of Govt Approval for Cadre Change)
3. 2009 batch IAS Vaibhav Shrivastava from West Bengal cadre gets married to 2012 batch UP cadre IAS Neha Prakash. Now, both are in Uttar Pradesh cadre. Shrivastava, 33, is a post graduate in Hindi literature. Neha Prakash, 31, originally hails from Jharkhand. She is a product of IIT-Lucknow.

September, 2014 (Month of Govt Approval for Cadre Change)
4. Bhuvan Bhushan Yadav, 2011 batch Rajasthan cadre IPS gets married to Ms Namrata Vrishni, 2013 batch AGMUT cadre IAS. Both are now in Rajasthan cadre. Ms Vrishni, 29, is an LLB from the University of Delhi.

August, 2014 (Month of Govt Approval for Cadre Change)
5. Girish Dayalan, 2011 batch Jammu and Kashmir cadre IAS gets married to Ms Amneet Kondal, 2012 batch IPS of Punjab cadre. Both are now in Punjab cadre. Dayalan, 33, hails from Chandigarh. He is an MA in public administration.

July, 2014 (Month of Govt Approval for Cadre Change)
6. 2013 batch Punjab cadre IAS Ankita Chakravarty gets married to 2013 batch AGMUT cadre IAS Naveen Aggarwal of AGMUT cadre. Both are now posted in AGMUT cadre. Ankita Chakravarty, 26, completed her MBBS before getting into IAS. Naveen Aggarwal, 27, is also a doctor-turned IAS.
7. 2013 batch Bihar cadre IAS Girish Kumar Mishra gets married to Ms Meena Kumari Mishra, 2011 batch Madhya Pradesh cadre Indian Forest Service officer. Now both are posted in Madhya Pradesh. Girish Kumar Mishra was a veterinary doctor before getting selected into IAS.

April, 2014 (Month of Govt Approval for Cadre Change)
8. 2010 batch Bihar cadre IAS Krishna Bajpai gets married to Mrs Dipika Bajpai, a 2010 batch Indian Forest Service officer of Karnataka cadre. Both are now Karnataka cadre officers. Krishna Bajpai, 31, is a BTech and MTech from IIT-Kharagpur.

December, 2013 (Month of Govt Approval for Cadre Change)
9. Ravi Jha, a 2011 batch Uttarakhand cadre IAS gets married to Ms Isha Khosla, 2011 batch AGMUT cadre IAS. Now, both of them are AGMUT cadre IAS. Ravi Jha, 31, is a mechanical engineer-turned IAS. He hails from Chandigarh. Isha Khosla from Delhi was a BCom and then a company secretary before getting selected into IAS.
10. Ms Surabhi Malik, a 2012 batch Gujarat cadre IAS, gets married to Sandeep Kumar Garg, a 2012 batch Punjab cadre IPS officer. Both are now posted in Punjab. 28-year-old Surabhi Malik, hailing from Chandigarh, is an MSc in economics from London School of Economics and Political Science.


  1. There are other fine examples of inter service marriages at LBSNAA Mussoorie, IFS ( Foreign ) and IAS like in the post 2000 batches which you seem to forget. With no cadre change these couples face undue hardship and discrimination. Take up their cause as these are truly Civil Service marriages while several of the Mussoorie based "love marriages" many are only marriages of convenience or adjustment for cadre change. Not all but quite a few. Expand your coverage and collect more case studies from 2000-2013 batches as the old cases like the Nirupama Rao case are now dated. Flag these cases for the attention of the PMO as the new decisive GOI will find new ways of helping serving officer couples drawn from the IAS and The Foreign Service to spend some service time together. As MEA is based in Delhi, interested IAS spouses can migrate to the UT cadre for closer and more convenient proximity to their IFS spouse in the MEA at least for some period of their career life - if only GOI is listening.

  2. what abuot the rumours sometimes confirmed and otherwise about affairs of top b" crats with juniors

  3. Dr Franklin Laltinkhuma IAS, (AGMUT:2006) gets married to Dr Christina Zothanpari Chawngthu IAS, (AP:2001)....

  4. Wastage of time in reading this article and nothing else