Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Cabinet secretary Ajit K Seth wants discussion in coming Civil Services Day on ability of civil servants to communicate

Press Officers' Workshop
COME April 21, Indian civil servants may discuss ways on how to enhance their ability to communicate. Cabinet secretary Ajit K Seth on Monday invited suggestions for the forthcoming Civil Services Day on how to equip civil servants professionally, and suggested that one of the areas for discussions on the Civil Services Day could be enhancing the ability of civil servants to communicate. Seth was…
speaking at the valedictory session on workshop on streamlining government communication organised by the information and broadcasting ministry in New Delhi. The workshop was attended by officers of the level of joint secretary and above along with private secretaries to ministers.
Seth said there was a need to integrate and synergise government efforts in a professional and calibrated manner in the new communication environment. Ministries and departments need to be geared up to address the challenges of information dissemination especially in the social media space, he said. The cabinet secretary further added that there was a need to put in place strategies to utilise social media as a tool to interact with the people.
Earlier on the occasion, minister for finance, corporate affairs, and information and broadcasting, Arun Jaitley said, as technology influenced change in the communication landscape, the future belonged to digital media due to its reach, scale, variety and accessibility. The minister called upon the participants, all government officers, to package data, facts and information keeping in mind contemporary tools and trends, media requirements and content for opinion makers and analysts in the media space. Even today, a large constituency existed which required authentic and credible information from the government, the minister added.
Jaitley asked the officers to utilize different tools available in the social media space i.e. Twitter, Blog, Facebook etc. to enhance the reach of government communication, according to a statement issued by the information and broadcasting ministry. 

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  1. Ajit uncle could not have thought of a safer topic than this for discussion. It is a masterstroke. Look busy do nothing.