Friday, January 16, 2015

Cabinet secretary Ajit K Seth shares a few tips with PSU heads

Ajit K Seth (File photo)
CABINET secretary Ajit Kumar Seth on Thursday emphasized on the need for having efficient and effective boards in Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) and appealed the PSU honchos to take a few tips from the private sector as well. Effective succession planning practices need to be…
adopted so that talent is nurtured and mentored to take up board positions, Seth said while addressing an international workshop in Delhi on “performance evaluation and management of state owned enterprises”. Here are Seth’s tips:
1. The performance of Central Public Sector Enterprises to a large extent depends on the functioning of its Board.
2. A Board needs to be efficient as well as effective. Having directors including independent directors, with the requisite skills, knowledge and experience is the starting point.
3. Effective succession planning practices need to be adopted so that talent is nurtured and mentored to take up board positions.
4. Discussions in the board need to be informed and transparent.
5. Public sector organisations have a lot to learn from the private sector as well as from each other.
6. One of the greatest challenges for CPSEs is to strike the right balance between long term and short term goals.
7. The linking of performance evaluation with the right type of incentives is a very complex issue.
8. To design a transparent and fair system by which performance evaluation at the organisational level can be translated into performance evaluation at an individual level is by no means an easy task.
9. In an environment where majority of the employees in the CPSEs have considerable security of tenure, it may be worthwhile to look at systems based on both monetary as well as non-monetary incentives.


  1. wonder of indian babudom..someone who was mere manager of UP bhavan for 6 yrs is giving tips to ppl with 30-35 yrs experience in running industry

  2. The person is also considered an expert in blocking of files and delaying decisions on important issues.Somehow manages to win the confidence of all govts because of his yesmanship. Typical IAS who expertises in retaining the feudal structure of administration.How can the country move forward with such persons managing top positions?

  3. This "I Ya Yes" gives tips to PSU Heads. What a joke. Country is surviving this man with great difficulty. This yes man has contributed nothing to the country in his 40 odd years of service in IAS except ofcourse protecting the interests of IAS brethren after becoming the Cabinet Secretary. Generalists like him should be thrown in dumps. Infact IAS should be abolished immediately. This country will not come of age if IAS rules. IAS just replaced Britishers. Rest all is same.