Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Life of a bureaucrat under Narendra Modi; 10 things that have changed since May 26

Modi interacting with Union secretaries (File photo)
INDIAN bureaucrats now reach office dot on time. The 9 to 5 sarkari culture is at danger! Everyone knows, there is someone in the PMO who works 24X7. Here are 10 things that have changed the way a senior bureaucrat works since Narendra Modi took over as prime minister of India on May 26, 2014.

1. Many bureaucrats, particularly those at the very senior level, have forgotten that they used to play a game of golf to relax. Also, many babus now go home straight, and stop dropping in at the Gymkhana Club for a drink.
2. Every Central government employee now has to reach office dot on time. There is no scope of fudging, as bio-metrics attendance linked to one’s Aadhaar number is mandatory in almost all offices. But alas! There is no fixed time for exit. Many secretaries regularly work till 8 pm, and at times till 9 pm. The 9 to 5 sarkari culture is at danger! Everyone knows, there is someone in the PMO who is virtually 24X7.
3. There is no guarantee for any extension in tenure. The Central deputation tenure can no longer be stretched by using jugaad. Many had to reluctantly go back to the parent cadre much earlier than expected. The list of officers getting premature repatriation (to the parent cadre) is getting longer every second month.
4. Many bureaucrats have stopped giving interviews to journalists. The unwritten rule is: No bureaucrat should hijack the credit of any successful government initiative. But the same rule has one more tag: No minister either should get the credit! Who is it then the credit is reserved for?
5. There is always a fear factor in the minds of senior bureaucrats. Many wish (probably pray in the morning) that Mayaram does not happen to him or her. The manner in which three high-profile secretaries, Arvind Mayaram, Rajiv Takru and GS Sandhu, were sent to inconsequential positions, is making everyone at the top highly insecure.
6. And the list of new appointments, promotions (and even demotions) is released at night, and in at least two occasions at mid-night! Also, many key appointments like the ones of CBI director and RAW chief were announced on a Saturday night.
7. No officer is allowed to travel abroad more than four times in a calendar year. For secretaries, foreign junkets are allowed only if their presence is essential, and officers of the level of additional secretary or joint secretary cannot be substituted for them.
8. To make things worse, the trend of officers travelling abroad at the expense of PSUs is highly discouraged, according to a set of diktats issued last month.
9. The officers with RSS linkage are said to be at an advantageous position in the corridors. And those who lack that, are seen trying chanting Sanskrit verses in public forums.
10. Finally, idea boxes are placed at various parts of the corridors, as bureaucrats are supposed to submit fresh ideas there. Will someone file an RTI to get a sense of quality of those supposedly out-of-the-box ideas?


  1. I will love Modi if he can destroy this Brigade of stupid " I am sorry " lot. But can modi put a stop at their corruption. Mind you most of theirs children are in Foreign (USA) country through a Hawala racket.....
    Then there are some like Devyani didi whose children have passport of Two or more countries...!!!!

  2. PM is probably testing the bureaucrats now. But at the end of the day, Narendra Modi will trust his key bureaucrats more than his ministers. In Gujarat too, he listened more to his trusted babus.

  3. The recent news about the Army shedding its colonial hangover allowed jawans to access the golf courses which was earlier their preserve. Similarly, cant the bureaucracy which is blatantly discriminatory shed its hubris and allow access into the hallowed portals of GYMKHANA club to the beldars of CPWD. After all , many of them complete the Times of India crossword. All are equal under article 14.

  4. We were.
    We are
    we will...
    without we there are no country...
    thAt is called "INDIA"

  5. Why does the Roths-childs who rule the World Bank and its police (USA corp ) pressurizing all the member nations into a backbone-less and impotent power structure, have NO media coverage ?

    The R family has more riches than ALL the elite of the WORLD combined.

    Why are 90% of people who are chosen as USA prez are seen an year earlier at a Bilder-burg conference ?

    Why was JFK assasinated right after he gave the speech to counter the evil WB ?

    Why is the Federal reserve system of USA not owned by the government... ? Isn't USA 'supposed' to be a democracy ?

    Why is the news about 9/11 being a false flag attack not made public on our media outlets ? (Russia has already done it , hence is at loggerheads with the USA )

    PS: Any good civil engineer can vouch that it was a controlled demolition ... No amount of jetfuel can reach the temperatures necessary for melting of the main central bean of WTC.

    Why are most(90%) of our news channels bought for/ represented by people overseas (including Sonia's cousin in case of a certain Times of BhIndia group )?

    Why do we blindly believe in our media without researching the facts anymore ( it is not 1930s and the 'deshbhakti' spirit has died long back )

    Why does no senior leader speak about this other than BABA Ramdev ?

    Guys , if you are REAL sons of BHARAT MATA , raise these questions ... or HIDE behind the money laden wall that you have recently made with all your GHOOS!

    And yeah I am planning to live off-grid not using Aadhaar card or bank accounts in the near future ... Dont ask why , just check what happens in USA with the social security number... !

    Coz I am a rebel of 1987 cadre...!

    Beware BABUS/corrupt politicians/IPS/IAS/IFS/IRS ghoos takers, the Vanar Sena has taken a foothold AGAIN on this planet.

    And we do NOT follow the precinct of AHIMSA for evil people.

    Yeah, they are all afraid of the R gang.

    Wake up people.

    PS: Comment only after you have done sufficient research on who is this R fellow.
    I have purposely included a hyphen in his name so that I do not get cyber flagged for attacks.