Thursday, November 13, 2014

No request to withdraw name from Central deputation offer list to be entertained: Centre

THE Centre has requested cadre controlling authorities to ensure that the offer list of officers for Central deputation under Central Staffing Scheme must not be changed, and no officer's name should be withdrawn midway, save under exceptional circumstances. Drawing references possibly to the previous UPA regime, a DoPT letter issued on November 10 said: “In the recent past, it has been observed that some individual officers…
whose name has been placed on the offer list have represented directly to this office for withdrawal of their names from the offer list citing personal reasons.” The letter further said that such a practice should be avoided, adding that "no individual requests received from such officers will be entertained". “Even when withdrawal of a name is unavoidable, intimation of change in the availability should be given at the earliest opportunity by the Cadre Controlling Authority,” the same letter said.
This reference was made while inviting nominations of officers for appointment on deputation to posts under the Central Staffing Scheme for the year 2015. About 30% of posts under the Central Staffing Scheme are of the rank of joint secretary and above, and the remaining 70% of the posts are at the level of director or deputy secretary i.e. the middle management level. So, the Centre requests cadre controlling authority forward names of officers at different levels so that it caters to the requirement of personnel at varying levels.
The Centre has also reminded the kind of punishment if an officer withdraws his or her name midway. According to existing policy, an officer could be debarred for five years if he or she does not join the post either on account of personal disinclination or the refusal of the cadre to relieve him even after the officer was appointed under the Central Staffing Scheme. Such an officer is also debarred from being given cadre clearance for foreign assignments or consultancies abroad during the period of debarment.

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  1. good to see the effort to create an environment " duty first " .Should be for everyone