Thursday, October 09, 2014

Govt relaxes TA claim norm for officials; no need to produce boarding passes as proofs

GOVERNMENT officials may no longer need to submit boarding passes as proofs of their journey while claiming travelling allowances (TAs). According to an order dated October 7, 2014, the government claimed, this was done in order to “simplify the procedure of settlement of T.A. claims”, as difficulties were expressed by various quarters in production of original boarding passes along with TA claims from time to time. But in case of “extreme doubt”, the officer may be asked to…
verify the genuineness of the claim, the same order said. “The matter (difficulties in producing boarding passes) has been considered and it has been decided with the approval of the competent authority that in order to simplify the procedure of settlement of T.A. claims, the condition of submission of Boarding Pass along with settlement of T.A. claim is dispensed with”, the order said.
But the order puts a rider. “However, the officer concerned, preferring Travelling Allowance, will have to attach an undertaking alongwith T.A. claims that the journey, as mentioned  therein, has actually been performed by him/her. Other requirements, as per the established procedures will continue to be followed,” the order further said.
The order further reiterated that air tickets should be purchased only from the authorized travel agents viz. Balmer Lawrie and Co and at the cheapest rates after comparing the available fare from the websites of travel agents of repute. “If cheaper rates are available directly from Air India, the same can also be bought,” the order said.
Can a frequent flyer avail of the reward points for his perusal journeys? The order said “no”. “The frequent flyer reward points from Air India may only be redeemed for the official tours of the department”, the order further said.

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  1. Babus are incorrigible.......They keep contradicting themselves. hatao Inefficient Dr jekyll & Mr Hydes ko .... The following letter clearly speaks that in our Govt, what the left hand does, the right hand does not know.