Friday, September 26, 2014

Modi says India’s bureaucracy can be “enlivened”; but a “rockstar bureaucrat” gets a pat on the back

Kant with PM
PRIME Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said India’s bureaucracy could be “enlivened”, and the country’s direction could be “changed” with the same set of bureaucrats. While launching the global campaign of “Make In India” that envisions India to be a global manufacturing hub, Modi said: “…same office, officers, cars, files, and even ways of functioning, still they can be enlivened. India’s direction can be changed”. Meanwhile, after the event, DIPP secretary and 1980 batch IAS Amitabh Kant was praised in social media platforms, and one person went to the extend of describing him as...
”a rockstar bureaucrat”. But first, here are five things PM Modi said about bureaucracy and governance:
1. Today, is there any synchronisation between the thinking of government, academic world, industry and the thinking of job seeking youngsters? I am sorry to say - No.
2. We need easy and effective governance...You will be surprised that in my first ten days I asked ‘please tell me why there are 10 pages in the forms filled in Government... I told them on the first day that make it one page and I am happy many departments have done it.
3. When I was in Gujarat I used to say with confidence- same officer, same government, same office, same file and the same people, despite this world can be changed. I can say that after coming to Delhi also. The same office, officers, cars, files, and even ways of functioning, still they can be enlivened. India’s direction can be changed. India’s destiny can be changed. I move forward with this confidence.
4. You have always doubted him (each of 125 crore countrymen), he certifies and you tell him to get certification from a gazetted officer. And what does gazetted officer say – if it is urgent give me this much, and if you have time then that much. Can’t we trust our own countrymen?
5. Government is for common people, for every citizen. And this beginning of change does not stop here. It goes up to Income Tax department also. As business community is sitting here I am talking of Income Tax department.
As the mega launch event attended by corporate honchos turned highly successful, many in the social media platforms showered heaps of praise on DIPP secretary Amitabh Kant. “No wonder @MakeinIndia branding and website is brilliant. Mr. Amitabh Kant, the rockstar bureaucrat is the man behind the show,” one Hari writes.
Former bureaucrat and FICCI secretary general Dr A Didar Singh released a photo in Twitter saying: “Amitabh Kant Secy DIPP at the launch of Make in India campaign. Great initiative.”
Another writes how PM Modi patted Amitabh Kant for Make in India.
Kant was a key driver in some of India's most successful tourism campaigns such as "Incredible !ndia", "God's Own Country" and "Athithi Devo Bhavah".


  1. Respectful our PM-ji,
    Most of Our Indian bureaucrats are still working vested interest.,They don't know how to save and run the PSU in profitability,But they are help to MNC's.Our PM told make India,BUT Our bureaucrats working for closure of INDIAN PSU's.PSU IS THE BACK BONE OF INDIAN ECONOMY.BUREAUCRATS Please use your goodself how to revive the sick psu's.

  2. Business Standard carries an interview of HDFC chairman Deepak Parekh where he says Make in India will remain in paper "if you continue to have difficulty in getting land and labour". A wake up call?