Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Govt kick-starts process of selecting the next CVC; Read DoPT’s explanation of Leader of Opposition

CVC Kumar's term ends on Sep 28
THE government began the process of selecting the next Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) on Monday when DoPT secretary SK Sarkar wrote a formal letter to all Government of India secretaries to nominate suitable candidates  for replacing incumbent Pradeep Kumar, 1972 batch former IAS, whose tenure ends on September 28, 2014. After the Supreme Court’s 2011 judgement that the post of CVC and Vigilance Commissioners would no longer be...
restricted to civil servants alone, those who have “experiences in finance including insurance and banking, law, vigilance and investigations”, can be also be contenders for the coveted post. But no one can apply on their own, and the names need to be recommended by a GoI secretary. Former or current CMDs of Schedule ‘A’ public sector undertakings can also be considered for the post.
The CVC’s influence is understandable as he plays a key role in selecting the CBI director apart from directing the apex investigating agency to take up specific cases.
After five names are short-listed, a selection committee headed by prime minister and with two other members – Union home minister and Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha, will choose the final candidate for appointment. In the backdrop of the prevailing confusion over the status of the Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha, Sarkar’s letter to the secretaries has the following explanation: “For the purpose of this sub-section, ‘the Leader of the Opposition in the House of the People’ shall when so such leader has been so recognized, include the leader of the single largest group in opposition of the Government in the House of the People.” The Opposition Congress has been staking a claim over the post as the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance as a whole has the requisite number -- 10% of the total Lok Sabha seats, to qualify for getting the official designation of Leader of the Opposition. The Congress on its own has mere 44 MPs in Lok Sabha.
In case Mallikarjun Kharge is not recognized by the Lok Sabha speaker as the Leader of the Opposition, the next CVC will be selected by prime minister Narendra Modi and home minister Rajnath Singh.
The last date of nominating the next CVC’s name is August 8, 2014. CVC remains in office until attaining the age of 65 years or upon the completion of four years, whichever is earlier.
There will be a vacancy of a Vigilance Commissioner too, as incumbent JM Garg completes his term on September 7 this year.


  1. Pradeep Kumars tenure as Central Vigilance Commission was lack lustre. He was not even a patch before such stalwarts like N Vittal. After the P.J Thomas fiasco, the IAS lobby got a lot of negative drubbing. Since Hon'ble Supreme Court has opened up doors to non IAS also let us pray & hope Modiji selects some one who is as dynamic and honest like Arun shourie or Vinod Rai former CAG. Pradeep Kumar got the post because he was Union Defence Secretary and his boss Antony enjoyed clout in party & govt. But now we need a dynamic person who can actually take strong steps to curb corruption. Pradeep Kumar did nothing in Commonwealth Games corruption cases and merely sat and whiled his way. Modiji please do not select an IAS this time. IAS has let down the country. It is most corrupt service and needs to be disbanded. Kiran Bedi is also a good choice. At least she will help restore confidence in CVC as an institution.

  2. LOL..Babus of India is fast turning into IAS bashing center and a place to vent out frustration. Instead of IAS/Non-IAS there is a larger need to end the institution of CVC and merge it into Lokpal.