Saturday, April 12, 2014

What Sanjaya Baru’s book says about TKA Nair and Pulok Chatterji; PMO reacts

SANJAYA Baru, former media adviser to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has called PM’s adviser TKA Nair “a bureaucratic lightweight” who except for a stint in the IK Gujral’s PMO, had neither held the rank of secretary in “any of the powerful ministries on Raisina Hill-home, finance and defence-nor in any key economic ministry”. Baru’s 301-page book titled “The Accidental Prime Minister--The Making and Unmaking Of Manmohan Singh”, published by Penguin, has not even spared current principal secretary Pulok Chatterji, who “like Nair, suffered from…
the handicap that his own service had never regarded him as one of its bright sparks”. The book has made many a critical comment on Sonia Gandhi’s domination over Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
As the election fever grips the nation now, the book is likely to sell like a hot cake. Prime Minister’s Office on Friday reacted sharply and issued a statement saying that the book is an “attempt to misuse a privileged position and access to high office to gain credibility to apparently exploit it for commercial gain.” The statement further said: “The commentary smacks of fiction and coloured views of a former adviser.”
Baru in his book says that most principal secretaries have been extremely capable men, well regarded by their peers and respected by their subordinates, but “every now and then, a nondescript official of limited talent has also adorned that job,” as he belittles Nair. According to the book, Nair was not the first choice to be Manmohan Singh’s principal secretary, but was in fact the “third choice” for the job. A Tamilian officer who had earlier worked with Rajiv Gandhi was offered by Congress president Sonia Gandhi to take up the coveted post, but he had refused to join. Another officer from Punjab was also considered.
The author also compared Nair with his predecessor Brajesh Mishra. “Always impeccably attired, Nair, small-built and short, lacked the presence of a Brajesh Mishra, whose striking demeanour commanded attention”. Baru in his book says Nair rarely gave bold opinion on file and signed off with a 'please discuss' note. “Nair depended a great deal on Pulok Chatterjee, a joint secretary who had worked with both Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia, for advice on important policy decisions,” the author says while narrating the inside of the PMO in UPA-I.
“Nair-Pulok duo was not a patch on the magisterial Brajesh Mishra who ran Vajpayee's PMO with great aplomb,” the author adds.


  1. there lay india's problem!

  2. A must read for understanding how a nation was run proxily and allowed its downfall. A details into MMS allowing cuntry to be rulde by Gandhi family and allowing scams in helplessnes

  3. Unfortunately MMS has become tagged as most corrupt Prime Minister despite his not having taken bribe or personal profit. Why has this state of affairs happened? Because MMS had no control over anyone. Kaun bura bane? so he said nothing to anyone. As a result there is free for all situation. American President Harry S. Truman's had the sign "The Buck Stops Here" on his desk in his White House office. MMS took no responsibility & carried out orders of SG & RG.MMS makes a good subordinate but lacks leadership qualities. Thank God He is leaving. Good riddance to Congress misrule.
    Dimpy Chopra

  4. MMS is such a pathetic failure. I want to ask him question who gave him the right to give a clean chit to Sajjan Kumar, HKL Bhagat, Tytler etc. in 1984 Sikh massacre. How dare he have temerity to apologize to Sikhs. Can he bring back all those dead? If he could not get SIT instituted & get justice to Sikhs he should hang his head in shame. 10 years of opportunity wasted. He is not fit to hold any post. A weak Raja can never protect his Praja.
    Pritpal Singh