Monday, April 28, 2014

Damaad Shree Video: BJP drags UPSC member and retired Haryana cadre IAS to Robert Vadra land deals

A RETIRED IAS officer of Haryana cadre and current UPSC member Chhatar Singh has been on BJP’s firing line, as the principal opposition party on Sunday sharpened its attack on Robert Vadra’s land deals by releasing a video named “Damaad Shree” and accusing Haryana government and earlier Congress-led Rajasthan regime of colluding with Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law in expediting out-of-turn…
land approvals. BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad in a press conference on Sunday did not however name Singh and others, but apparently referred to that official only, as Prasad said a retired Haryana IAS of additional secretary rank was made a member of UPSC because he was handling land issues in the state government. Prasad said, only secretary-ranked retired officers or academics of distinguished career are usually made members of UPSC (Union Public Service Commission), a government agency that recruits top government officers of the country, thereby questioning the appointment of a retired additional secretary-ranked officer.
Singh, a 1980 batch IAS, was an influential officer of Haryana cadre and had served as principal secretary to chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda.
The BJP leader did not name any official, fearing that it might shift the focus away from Vadra whose wife Priyanka has been regularly targeting BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, as she was campaigning in Gandhi pocket boroughs of Amethi and Raebareli in Uttar Pradesh.
But BJP spokesperson said that land deals involving Vadra were a “textbook case of corruption and crony capitalism under state patronage.” The Congress has said, there is nothing new in the allegations which were already dismissed by courts, and also termed the release of the video as a cheap publicity stunt.


  1. Let us wait and watch. Does BJP have guts to get these allegations enquired into and take action if they come to power. Is this a mere publicity stunt during elections. AAP party had also leveled allegations but either they did not have adequate time to investigate the allegations or they realized the kind of compromise one has to make in power. there is nothing wrong in pointing out each others wrongs, this will strengthen democracy in the country and keep these parties in check. but it is felt allegations should be followed up with real proper investigation & result in punishment of guilty. If only allegations leveled with no follow up action, then these politicians will become laughing stocks. No one will take them seriously. Therefore BJP should examine appointment file of UPSC Member Chattar Singh as well as his land dealings. Let Khemka be made incharge of such investigation of all land allotments in Haryana, he will bring out irregularities if any out in the open. Allegations should and must reach to its logical end & result in heads rolling.

  2. Most unfortunate if it is really true Congresswallas have appointed Chattar Singh to UPSC because he was Bhupinder Hoodas Principle Secretary. This is typical example how Congress government has eroded institutions. making such appointments based on rewarding its sycophants brings down stature of institutions. it damages morale of employees who know everything but say nothing for fear of adverse repercussions. UPSC is such a hallowed institution and has built up a reputation of being above fear and favor. It was thought to be incorruptible and had not been involved in recruitment scams. The reputation of State PPSC is known to all. But in the case of UPSC everyone is proud of such an institution. Therefore appointments should be made carefully or else candidates will soon lose faith in it. During Congress rule greatest damage done is institutional integrity jeopardized by rewarding unethical loyalists. New government should have right to correct the wrongs done in any appointments.