Friday, March 21, 2014

Young IAS Tejaswai Naik flies powered glider to airdrop election pamphlets in Madhya Pradesh town

AN IAS officer of 2009 batch S Tejaswai Naik on Sunday surprised many people at Amarkantak town in Anuppur district of Madhya Pradesh when he flew a powered glider, or paramotor, to airdrop Election Commission pamphlets urging people to vote. Naik, 31, used that innovative mode to appeal people in the town to turn up in large numbers for voting in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Another objective however was to…
promote adventure tourism in the town located 550-km away from the capital city of Bhopal.
For about 20 minutes, the young IAS officer flew in the two-seater paramotor, owned by Satpura Sports, the company which operates adventure tours in the district. The paramotor was equipped with a parachute.
As reported by the national daily Hindustan Times, which also carried Naik’s photo on paramotor, the IAS officer had two objectives: promoting adventure tourism and Election Commission’s Systematic Voter Education and Electoral Participation Programme (SWEEP).
According to reports, 55 youngsters who registered as first-time voters in the town, were taken for a joyride in the paramotor.
In the last year’s assembly poll, the average polling percentage for Anuppur district was 72.15%, and the officer told a section of local media that he would like to retain at least that percentage if not more.
Originally hailing from Karnataka, Naik was a dentist before getting into the elite service. During probation in Mussoorie’s LBSNAA, he performed Bedara Vesha dance, an art-form native to Sirsi of Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. Naik’s amazing dance is available in YouTube.


  1. It is his great endeavor to promote the awareness in the people about the election commission's Systematic Voter Education and Electoral Participation program. He has air drop the pamphlets, it is surprising who will able to collect and read the pamphlets because these pamphlets has been scattered ruthlessly because dropped from the height. But in all negative aspects he has taken up the stand whatever he has available and unique idea in the district he has implemented and one step ahead with others.

  2. This is a waste of public money. I seems like the officer is fascinated about power gliders and cooked up an idea to enjoy a ride !! There are many less expensive ideas the can fetch more publicity and awareness than dropping through a glider. This is what the IAS hegemony has done for people. Looting public money for self benefits :(

  3. This was an fantastic idea for getting the attention of people and they will certainly look at what has dropped from the sky and will give a thought on voting. Also this is the cheapest form of air travel and will certainly encourage people to go for voting.

    Keep it up Tejaswi Naik....great effort