Thursday, February 27, 2014

Govt to appoint more information commissioners; last date of application is March 25

THE government has proposed to appoint more number of information commissioners in the Central Information Commission which currently has chief information commissioner Sushma Singh and eight other information commissioners. According to a DoPT circular dated February 25, 2014, the government proposed to appoint more information commissioners, and…
“persons of eminence in public life with wide knowledge and experience in law, science and technology, social service, management, journalism, mass-media or administration and governance” would be eligible to apply for the same.
Current provision of the Act allows the government appoint only chief information commissioner and up to 10 information commissioners.
No member of parliament (MP) or member of the legislature of any state or union territory is eligible to be appointed as information commissioners. “It is clarified that cessation/termination of holding of office of profit, pursuing any profession or carrying any business is a condition precedent to the appointment of a person as Information Commissioner,” the circular added.
Information commissioner get the same salary and perks as that of an Election Commissioner, subject to adjustment of the pensionary/retirement benefits availed by him, if any, in accordance with the provisions of the RTI Act.
The last date of application is March 25, 2014.


  1. The Congress government is in a tearing hurry to appoint as many persons as it can and oblige its darbaris. congress government knows it has dim chances of winning. just look at the way it is in a hurry to appoint a Lokpal which will later on take care of its intersts. If Lokpal could be put on hold for 40 years why appointment cannot wait 3-4 months till new government is formed? In similar manner why so many new Information Commissioners are being nominated. the CIC as an Institution has already been weakened by nominating too many retired bureaucrats. These Babus are after perks and take up post of CIC to retain their plush sarkari houses. They are not intersted in the work. The quality of decisions, the poor drafting, the confused conflicting decision are easily visible. I regret to say but in one particular case the Information Commissioner was consulting his steno about rule position, who was more knowledgeable. after shri sailesh gandhi left CIC, no other person from other walks of life have been nominated. the CIC has become a parking lot for retired Babus. This has eroded the dignity of CIC. The government should advertise that the post of Information commissioners will not have any perks and privileges and government house will not be allowed to be retained and a fixed amount will be paid as monthly remuneration, only service oriented officers who want to serve the nation may apply. Just see the response, all the lobbying and desperation of opportunists will vanish. Why are cases piling up in CIC because speed of disposal is very slow. while at least 20 cases personal attendance can be done but in about 75 cases of clear cut nature CIC can give its decision for providing information. in this way 100 cases can easily be disposed off on daily basis. A service oriented and dedicated IC can also put in extra hours without insisting on Overtime Allowance. A power hungry perks preferring IC can take it easy and leave the drafting to the Registrar and decision to his steno and allow piling up of cases to generate more employment opportunities for his batchmates. This situation of sloth is a win win situation for lazy babus wanting to prolong stay in government service.

  2. At this rate soon the CIC is going to have more Information Commissioners than the Supreme Court Judges. The RTI Act will be amended it seems to increase Information Commissioners from 10 to 50. This will easily accommodate the 50 odd Secretaries in GOI retiring from service every year. Another suggestion to MMS Govt is please set up whistleblowers protection Commission with 10 Members. then Accountability Commission with 50 Members at Centre and equal number in States. Suggestions can be called from General Public for ways and means to accommodate all retiring IAS Babus. GOD SAVE THE COUNTRY FROM THESE BUREAUCRATS.