Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Will Bangalore get its mojo back? Read what chief secretary Kaushik Mukherjee has to say

Karnataka as represented in R-Day Parade in New Delhi
1978 batch IAS and Karnataka’s chief secretary Kaushik Mukherjee said on Tuesday that the state’s land laws are being amended to ensure industries getting an easy access to land, even though he made it amply clear that the state is zealously protecting agriculture land. But will Bangalore, which was renamed as Bengaluru, get its mojo back? Mukherjee was speaking at a…
session titled “Karnataka – Surging Ahead” as a part of a CII partnership summit in the capital city. There has been a sea-change in the IT software industry that is now increasingly focused on high-end design software development, Mukherjee said, as quoted in a statement issued by industry lobby group, CII.
In fact, over the years, Bengaluru has lost its sheen thanks to global economic meltdown on the international front, and the high degree of corruption, political instability and infrastructural bottlenecks within the state.
Taking about the city, Mukherjee told the corporate India representatives that the state is making massive investments in physical infrastructure development, such as the elevated road link to Bengaluru’s international airport.
While making a pitch for more industrial development in the state, Mukherjee however made it clear that the state government is promoting industries that are environment friendly and those which do not encroach on lands meant for agriculture. In fact, as the principal secretary of the department of forests, ecology and environment in Karnataka, Mukherjee was a driving force in increasing the state’s forest cover by 1,000 square kilometres. As BoI mentioned in an earlier article, Mukherjee wrote two books on watershed development in Karnataka, a subject which many career-minded bureaucrats would love to ignore.
On Tuesday, Mukherjee made the captains of Indian industries happy when he said he would make single window schemes more effective. He further added that the state is ushering in a transparent power grid that would provide impetus to generation of solar energy.
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