Friday, October 11, 2013

5 bureaucrats and their Tendulkar moments

Tendulkar with wife Anjali
INDIA'S greatest sporting legend Sachin Tendulkar has announced that he would call it a day after playing the 200th Test match in Indian soil in November. “It’s hard for me to imagine a life without playing cricket” he says. BoI here gives a spin to the moment to find out what 5 top-notch bureaucrats of the day were, when Tendulkar made his Test debut against Pakistan on November 15, 1989. And also, what are the Tendulkar moments of each one of these officers. Disclaimer: The bureaucrats are randomly picked up.
Ajit Kumar Seth (Current post: Cabinet Secretary, 1974 batch IAS)
In 1989, 38-year-old Seth was the district collector of Lucknow. By then, he was a deputy secretary and had also served as the first secretary in the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations in Geneva.
Tendulkar Moment: Getting picked up for the top bureaucrat’s post in 2011.

S Jaishankar (Current post: India’s ambassador to China, 1977 batch IFS)
He was 34-year-old then, and was serving in Sri Lanka as a political officer and adviser to the Indian Peacekeeping Force. He is now the Indian ambassador to US designate.
Tendulkar Moment: When he was chosen as India’s ambassador to China four years ago.

SR Rao (Current Post: Commerce Secretary, 1978 batch IAS)
Rao was then a 35-year-old bureaucrat on a deputation to the department of atomic energy. But Rao became the man of the match only in mid-1990s when he became the municipal commissioner in Surat and did an outstanding job to bring back life to the plague-hit city of Gujarat.
Tendulkar Moment: Was conferred civilian award, Padma Shri in 1998, a rare honour for a serving bureaucrat.

Bimal Julka (Current Post: Commerce Secretary, 1979 batch IAS)
Julka was 34-year-old and had a 10-year innings in bureaucracy when Tendulkar made his Test debut. In November 1989, Julka was a deputy secretary in the department of industry under the commerce ministry.
Tendulkar Moment: His working closely with Pranab Mukherjee, now President of India.

Amitabh Kant (Current Post: CEO of DMICDC, 1980 batch IAS)
Then a 33-year-old bureaucrat, Kant was deputy secretary in the Union ministry of commerce in November 1989. Kant’s greatest innings, as joint secretary in Union tourism ministry, were yet to come then.
Tendulkar Moment: Creation of the taglines, Incredible India & God’s Own Country.


  1. I liked the Tendulkar moment of Padmasri SR Rao, commerce secretary.

  2. The Department of Posts Tendulkar moment was when Alok Saxena, Secretary of Board was selected to head the IT Modernisation Project. Alok Saxena is one of the rare officers who has single handedly defined the destiny of India Post. Kapil Sibal has applauded his contribution several times. Alok Saxena has defined the destiny of India Post. The path he has shown to young officers, his ideals and vision has become folk lore in the annals of history of the Department of Posts.

    Rekha Julka

    1. Not correct position. Reality different but who cares.

  3. It is very much wrong to say one person like Alok Saxena can decide destiny of Department of Posts. I strongly object to such sycophancy. The credit if at all should go to six lakh officers and employees. It is the chairman of eight projects headed by extremly competent officers who are actually implenting the IT Modernisation Project of Department of Posts. It is wrong to say officer doing co-ordination job will get credit. How ? This is far fetched. Alok Saxena doing only co-ordination job and collecting reports from these 8 chairman of committees. These officers heading committees are the real heroes as all decisions and responsibility is there job. Please give credit to right persons. Show me one single decision of PMU Branch? They are only compiling the reports of 8 chairman of high level committees. I am very much saddened. We have to beware of persons who want to steal credit. Very bad habit it is.
    Rajeev Ranjan Prasad Srivastava.