Thursday, July 11, 2013

DARPG to launch new publicity blitz with good governance films

THE Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG), which has been  producing documentary films on good governance practices, wants to go for a publicity blitz. It is making additional 10,000 DVD prints of select films to spread the government's...
good governance message. In the last few years, government's good practices have been overshadowed by corruption charges, policy paralysis and scams of big size and scale.
The DARPG has now invited Delhi and NCR-based documentary film firms which were already empaneled under category "A" with DAVP, to make additional DVD prints. The last date of submitting the quotation is July 18. For more details, you need to log onto
Some of the films produced by the department include Delhi Metro, SETU (Empowerment through connectivity), Friendly Neighbourhood Cops (Trichi police), Bhoomi (Online delivery of land records in Karnataka), On the Wheels of Comforts (Railway Reservation), Vadodara Wins (One day governance in Vadodara, Gujarat) and Lost World Regained (Kutch Rehabilitation in Gujarat).
It however remains to be seen whether the government would be able to regain its lost ground through this new DVD blitz.

Action and Appointments
a) Rajender Kumar Kataria, a 1996 batch Karnataka cadre IAS, has been appointed as private secretary to the minister for railways Mallikarjun Kharge in relaxation of “cooling off” already approved at the time of initial appointment. It will be a “lateral shift” for Kataria.
b) The ACC has approved the proposal of the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA) for tenure of Umesh Kumar, a 1983 batch Rajasthan cadre IAS as Executive Director in Asian Development Bank, Manila for a period of three years from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2016.
c) V Rajagopalan, a 1978 batch UP cadre IAS and secretary in the ministry of environment and forests, has been given additional charge of the post of secretary, ministry of new and renewable energy with effect from July 6, 201 3 to July 14, 2013 during the absence of Ratan P Watal, his batch-mate from Andhra Pradesh cadre.


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  2. Publicity of good governance through film/video by DARPG how can make an effective impact until DARPG adopts a strong and effective strategy for violator of natural justice. Forwarding the grievance to concerned department, without taking care of follow up action can not ever reach to a justified conclusion. A hapless commoner has no respite about denial of natural justice.

  3. Our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s initiative to improve National e-Governance plan is highly commendable. So far e-governance standard still seems to be going through a nascent stage; as it lack transparency, accountability, follow up of rule of law, effectiveness, efficiency and responsiveness. These are the pillars of good governance. Lapses on these criterions negate conception of good governance. Focus in relationship between government and citizen through a robust grievance redress mechanism demands careful thought. Scant regards to commoner’s problem is the prime hurdle towards justified service delivery. A hapless commoner is subjected to harassment, humiliation etc, for administrative fallacy.
    PG Portal, President’s Secretariat Helpline, PMO or comments through feedbacks to appropriate portal either fail to yield a response or a distorted/ manipulated reply is obtained which defeats the e-governance purpose. Such level of invulnerability should be checked to make e-governance a thoroughly accountable, transparent and bias free system. To establish corruption free governance following aspect should be looked into:-
    Public complaint/grievance should be resolved in a specific time maintaining rule of law. PG Portal registered grievances should draw a justified conclusion in closure of the case. Mechanical interpretation [willful wrong resolution of grievance by concerned competent authority] should not be allowed ever.
    I have been victimized through absolute denial of rule of law/natural justice which could only be set right through intervention of distinguished high authority. Implementation of e-governance in letter and spirit would break the prevalent jinx. I am not citing about my sufferings here, in case it is required then I can quote the same with explicit details.
    PG Portal registered grievance is made when all internal/departmental option of natural justice ceases; arbitrary exercise of power of biased and obstinate competent authority imposes all sorts of problems towards justified resolution of even an open and shut case. PG Portal registered grievances are disposed off/closed without a justified resolution. Closure of PG Portal registered grievance if done after hearing from complainant then only purpose of national e-governance plan maintaining strict transparency, accountability, efficiency, responsiveness etc, can be achieved. National e-Governance plan in true letter and spirit is a hapless commoner’s expectation from Government. I am trying my best to call attention of appropriate authorities to see that natural justice is not denied to a hapless aggrieved commoner, victimized of highhandedness of controlling authority.