Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bureaucrats to celebrate Civil Services Day on April 21; tentative programme

A moment during 1st Civil Services Day, 2006
COMING Sunday will be a working day for many senior bureaucrats in Delhi. Surprised? It’s April 21, the Civil Services Day which was first celebrated only seven years ago. This year, the day will be marked by presentation of awards to bureaucrats for their outstanding performance, group photo of winners with Prime Minister, brainstorming sessions on future of…
Indian civil services and book release by principal secretary to PM Pulok Chatterji. Also, five documentary films will be screened on the occasion.
According to the tentative programme, former cabinet secretary Naresh Chandra is likely to deliver a keynote address on civil servants’ opportunities and challenges. Three parallel discussions include “Civil Services –Fit for Future”, “Addressing the challenges of public service delivery” and “Rural Economy with focus on employment”.
Post lunch, there will be book releases by Pulok Chatterji and address by cabinet secretary Ajit K Seth.

Cricket camp for bureaucrats’ children
In this hot IPL season, children of government employees are invited to participate in cricket coaching camps in New Delhi’s Vinay Marg sports complex. The fee for this summer coaching to be held between May 15 and June 15, 2013, is just Rs 500 per head. The children in the age group of eight to 16 are eligible to participate in the camp.


  1. Good to know that Indian Civil Services Day is just a 7-year-old baby. But the government took such a long time to realize that Indian bureaucrats need to celebrate a DAY!

  2. Its good that a Civil Services Day is being celebrated every year. But I feel that it should not become an yearly ritual with pomp bu without any purpose and meaning. Giving away awards to some IAS officers and rarely to some some other civil servants has become a norm. This celebration should result in workable outcomes. Civil Services reforms should be announced during every year's meeting, which should be reviewed in the next year's meeting. Giving a few speeches and forgetting the purpose will not serve any purpose. During this celebration the PM should avoid reading the speech written by his bureaucrats. The meeting should give preference to the recommendations of the Administrative Reforms Commissions. Enough discussions and debates should take place during the Day. The Day should not end only with some speeches. The Government should take interest in bringing about reforms. No coalition politics will come in the way. There is nothing to stop it except the IAS lobby, which can be easily overcome. May god bless India.

  3. April 21 is being celebrated as Civil Services Day. I hope the Day is not only about reading speeches, having dinner and giving away awards (most of them to people belonging to a single service). This is the seventh such Day being celebrated. Its good that such a Day is being celebrated. Its time for all civil servants to introspect and see what they have done and what is to be done. It should be an occasion to declare administrative reforms every year and review the implementation of reforms announced during the previous year's Civil Services Day. The recommendations of the Administrative Reforms Commissions should be taken in to consideration. Informed and intelligent debates and discussions should take place on the Day. The celebrations should end with proper outcomes. The people of India are watching with bated breadth. They should not sleep disappointed. The Day should not be hijacked by people belonging to a single service. Drastic reforms in the administrative setup of the country are required. The Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri. Manmohan Singh has had a long experience in the administration of the country. He is the right man to bring in reforms in the country. But sir we need you to be proactive and not to depend on the advice of your secretaries. Coalition politics will definitely not come in your way when it comes to civil service reforms. You have only few years left before you see god (though we expect good people like you to live long as there is dearth of people like you in this world). Let them count. You will be remembered for your pro activeness and reforms brought in for long. Sir one billion Indians are expecting a lot from you and they go to bed hoping to hear good news the next morning. Please do not disappoint them. Let the annual Civil Services Day be of use for the country and its people and let it be very constructive. Jai Hind.

  4. Many writers in this website suspected that IRS wants to imitate IAS in dominating other employees. This is not correct. Anybody joining Civil Services desires for recognition. Even after toiling and producing the results for government, if an employee is not recognised by the government appropriately and suitably in such occazions as civil services day, deviant behaviours will be set in in the minds of such brilliant officers. Therefore, independent bodies in liaison with departmental heads in each department should appraise the performance in each department like IAAD, ITD, Excise, ED, Railways, Defence, Foreign affairs, etc.

  5. Is the name of Civil Services Day appropriate when all the awards are given to only IAS Officers? The name has to be changed from CSD to IAS Day.

  6. Exactly. It should be called IAS Day. It is as if only IAS officers are civil servants in India. Civil Services Day is by the IAS, for the IAS and of the IAS. Contributions of IAS officers are submitted to the IAS officers, screened by the IAS officers, decided by the IAS officers, awards given by the IAS officers, awards given to the IAS officers. Its IAS all the way. It should be called IAS Day. Doesn't matter if an IFS officer did wonderful job in Maldives or Afghanistan, an IPS officer gave hsi life for the country, an IRS officer unearthed 1000 crore undisclosed income of an errant taxpayer, an IAAS officer audited and unearthed a big scam, an IRTS officer made possible a huge project, an IRAS officer heads and takes forward a metro rail project, an engineer builds a huge national asset, etc. These people will not be considered for awards during the Civil Services day because they are not IAS officers. What a farce? What a country? You know what there is misconception in the country that politicians are the cause of every ill. But actually it is the IAS officers who are taking the country to a ransom. The earlier this truth is realised the better for India.

  7. Very apt.. Kangaroo Court of IAS officers selects among their cadre brethren... Hail Civil Service s Day!!
    Anything Civil about it??
    Even if an officer of other services is working 100 times more then also his inclusion might not even end up being considered even for deliberation and initial screening
    Is there anything CIVIL about the day?
    In India only IAS works, rest merely exist.

  8. Why was this day, 21st of April chosen as the Civil Services day?