Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Corridor forgets 1979 batch IAS topper & Oriya fiction writer Hrusikesh Panda?

AS THE process of appointing 1979 batch IAS officers as Union secretaries has begun with West Bengal cadre officer SK Sarkar getting appointed as water secretary, followed by Rajiv Takru in financial services department in finance ministry, the man who is virtually missing in action is the topper of the batch:
Dr Hrusikesh Panda, who people in Odisha know more as a fiction writer with seven novels, eight collections of short stories and four plays to his credit. When the DoPT released the names of secretary empaneled officers of 1979 batch a couple of months ago, a few names including that of Panda were prominently missing. But it released the list-2 of secretary empanelment in mid-December where names of high profile IAS like Rajiv Takru, Ravi Mathur and EK Bharat Bhusan did figure. BoI could not verify why Panda, an additional secretary in Panchayati Raj department, was left out. According to reports, he is now heading towards his home turf Odisha where he is likely to be ranked chief secretary equivalent.
In fact, Panda had some of the major showdowns with politicians in Odisha including chief minister Navin Patnaik. There were court cases against him, and he was transferred several times, and was suspended too. The classic case was his refusal to toe the line of Patnaik while raising retail prices of milk in 2008 when he headed the state milk cooperative, OMFED. In 2003, there was a serious allegations against Panda when then Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Welfare minister Balabhadra Majhi and legislator Saharai Oram complained that they were misbehaved by the IAS officer in a state guest house at Keonjhar district.
But people in Odisha have always admired Panda as a litterateur. The man who boldly handles social themes and passionately depicts humanism is showered with a number of awards including prestigious Sarala Samman in 2012.
An MSc in chemistry before getting into IAS, Panda later did his MBA from Australia. He is also a doctorate in English with a thesis on relationship between society and literature: a study in creative writing.


  1. Any translation of his work?

  2. Hrushikesh Panda is one of the six IAS officers who topped Civil Services over the years.
    They are:
    1. Sitakanta Mohapatra (1961),
    2. Purna Hota (1962),
    3. Lalit Mansingh (1963),
    4. Hrushikesh Panda(1979)
    5. Prafulla Chandra Mishra (1982)
    6. Ms Roopa Mishra (2004)

  3. My Babu Blogger,how does it matter?Only the people who put in any sincere efforts at getting through the civil services exam know what it means to be a so-called IAS topper.A topper is as good or as bad as the last rank holder in any paper-based examination,and it is more so in case of ICS exam which is nothing but the Great Indian Gamble.In this exam, a correspondence degree holder with hindi medium ,a nurse etc easily outwit candidates with combined degree from IIMA and IIT.Yet the successful candidates are feted by overzealous scribes.In the recent years,many people recommended for IFS through this exam are being bought high school level english at CIFL as they are not able to get the training instructions delivered in Eglish.As for celebrated Panda,his intellectual as well as creative writing ability is only ordinary that has been made extraordinary by his IAS tag.Grow up man!Many IAS members can't clearly define "GLOBALISATION" .Can't understand inflation,deflation and stagflation.As the State continues to roll back due to the lack of resources as well expertise,administrative service needs to be radically reinvented.Or else,its eclipse is a matter of time.
    A candidate(from Odisha and a post-graduate from a Central University) who appeared for UPSC interview last year and expecting another call this year.

  4. does missing IAS in a UPSC exam leaves so much venom in an applicants mind?
    IAS does not need to define globalisation..he makes it happen

    i salute the IAS officer who sent chauthala to jail

  5. @the man/woman who reacts to my opinion posted on january 12(3rd opinion)
    The feudal elements like you in the characteristically feudal Indian society are more responsible for regress of the country gang-raped non-stop by pseudo-intellectual bureaucrats and shameless politicians.For your better understanding of the changing scenario ,please go through this news piece carried by the Indian Express

  6. Response to the person who denigrates Mr Hrusikesh Panda. Who cares even if you got selected for civils interview or become an IAS officer later at all? you can not match up to him. It is utterly difficult to be an honest IAS officer and takes a life time to get recognition . If you have any piece of literature written by you and you think it can beat his writting skills,plz show us. He is a versatile personality.We appreciate and admire him. Any way we would jolly- well look forward to "what extraordinary you do" after you get through upsc.
    A JNU student

  7. Strongly I feel Mr Panda must be approached to join AAP in Odisha.

  8. Strongly I feel Mr Panda must be approached to take charge of AAP in Odisha. He is the right person for heading this organisation.

  9. Mr Panda is an adoreable person and glory of Odisha.Lets be brave to match his steps if possible.

  10. Dr.Panda is a very simple and adorable person, he is an intellectual and for many it is difficult to understand him easily.