Monday, November 12, 2012

Will an M.Com degree holder work as a consultant in PMO with a peon's salary?

FOR the last few years, the government has succeeded in saving some money by engaging consultants on short term contracts of six months to one year. The move has been widely hailed, as it curtails the government’s liability in terms of accommodation, gratuity, pension etc. But should the government compromise on talents by paying peanuts to those consultants who need to work 9 to 5 every day like any other regular employee? Only recently, none other than the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) advertised to get a…
consultant (accounts) for a fixed salary of Rs 20,000 per month, which is incidentally lower than the salary of most peons working in the same South Block office.
According to the advertisement, the eligibility criteria for the post of consultant (accounts) is B.Com or M.Com, and preferably retired officers who held the post of Chief Accountant or AGM or DGM in government or public sector companies. And the workload includes introduction of Double Entry System of Accounting for maintaining the Books of Accounts such as cash and bank vouchers, cash and bank book, journal voucher etc.
The PMO probably did not get a suitable candidate in the first shot, for which the last date of application was extended by 20 days. The question is why will anyone be motivated to take up such a job in the PMO? One, the salary is low. But what’s missing is job guarantee. The advertisement made it clear that the selected person’s contract can be terminated anytime by paying one month’s salary, and if he or she does not attend office for a day, one day’s salary will be deducted.
But the question remains why will a talented M.Com degree holder join PMO for Rs 20,000? In PMO itself, a junior translator on a permanent payroll gets a monthly salary of over Rs 40,000, and the average salary of a stenographer is Rs 30,000. The library clerk gets Rs 40,000 and the carpenter’s gross monthly pay is Rs 30,000. Most peons and cleaners in PMO get over Rs 20,000 per month, according to information released in the official site!

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