Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Obama’s pampered bureaucrats, and how Romney campaign takes a pot-shot

Romney, Obama
Video Text: “Add Another Bureaucrat”
Voiceover: “Why not have a President who actually understands business?”
This is a part of a Mitt Romney advertising campaign hitting out at US President Barack Obama’s idea of adding a “secretary of business” in his second term. As President Obama and challenger Romney are heading for a neck-to-neck fight on Tuesday, BoI takes a close look at Obama’s pampered bureaucracy and how challenger Romney takes a pot-shot through an advertising campaign.
US media has always criticized President Obama for pampering his bureaucrats by raising their salary and perks, and increasing their numbers when the US economy was reeling under a massive downturn.
According to data from White House’s Office of Personnel Management, as highlighted by a Washington Times report, the government employment rolls increased 8 percent from September 2008 to June 2012. The report also made it a point by arguing how those were not ordinary bureaucrats. The number of feds taking home salaries of more than $150,000 soared 44 percent, the report says. “The last time the administration pushed the concept of massive stimulus spending, it was supposed to spur economic growth and lower unemployment. That didn’t happen. The official jobless figure is now exactly what it was when Mr Obama took the oath of office: 7.8 percent,” the report says.
Mitt Romney’s advertisement campaign mocks at Obama’s new idea of creating another high profile bureaucrat’s post, secretary of business. The Romney advertisement voice-over says: “Under Obama, millions of people can’t find work. Mitt Romney understands business, knows how to create jobs and get our economy moving.”

Babu Marriage
The Central government has transferred Ms Rachna Bhagat, a 2009 batch Jharkhand cadre IAS, from Jharkhand cadre to West Bengal cadre on the ground of marriage to Sudeep Sarkar, a 2009 batch West Bengal cadre IPS.

Action and Appointments
a) Bipin Bihari Srivastava, a 1978 batch Bihar cadre IAS and secretary, Central Information Commission, has been appointed as secretary in department of land resources in place of Ms Anita Chaudhary who has retired.

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