Friday, October 19, 2012

Indian government to fund officers to study anti-corruption at Vienna’s IACA

IACA campus in Vienna's neighbouring town of Laxenburg
IN THIS scam-a-week news environment, the government has decided to fund officers for a two-year course in anti-corruption at Vienna’s International Anti Corruption Academy (IACA). The course, a masters degree in Anti Corruption Studies (MACS), has been added to the list of Domestic Funding of Foreign Training (DFFT) Scheme this year. But who are eligible…
to apply? The officers in CBl, CVC, vigilance and anti-corruption wings of state governments and Central government including CVOs working in Central Public Sector Enterprises can apply for the course. The interested officers may apply directly to IACA before October 26, 2012 and undertake admission as stipulated by IACA as private individuals. Once an officer is selected by IACA, he or she may apply for sponsorship under the DFFT scheme. The government will sponsor two candidates for the course.
Masters in Anti Corruption Studies is a part-time programme spread over a period of two years. It has seven intensive, two-week modules taking place in three months’ interval at IACA campus at Laxenburg and one module at Kuala Lumpur. It is a new programme being launched in December 2012. The first pre-module which is a self-study phase will begin in January 2013 and the first core module will commence in February 2013.

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