Monday, July 23, 2012

Govt may bar officers from contesting poll just after quitting service

WITH more and more civil servants including high profile police officers contesting elections just after quitting the service, the government is contemplating to prescribe a “cooling off” period. Currently, a retired government employee has to wait for at least one year before taking up a private sector job unless he takes special permission, but the same rules…are not applicable while jumping into the electoral fray.
Media reports suggested how Election Commission was concerned over senior civil servants contesting polls. The EC in fact had earlier asked the government to change the service rules to insert a new clause of “cooling off period” between leaving or retiring the service and joining a political party.
Once the government accepts EC’s suggestions, all officials from IAS, IPS and other Class 'A' services will be ineligible to contest polls just after quitting the service.
Whereas an amendment to the service rules is a must, government may have to go for an amendment to the election law itself. The department of legislative service, attorney general and DoPT are reportedly communicating among themselves to finalize the best possible solution to introduce a “cooling off’’ clause.


  1. What nonsense. How can you snatch somebody's fundamental right to participate in electoral democracy? Its a violation of Art 14. The move should be to cleanse muscle and money power, not debarring a certain section from participating in public life.

  2. This all crazy. what would the government employ do for one year? once he is retired he can directly start working for private sectors.Government Job Duties

  3. I have an example where this fool hardy idea from our Election Commission is really found wanting.

    Let us say a top civil service officer who is a favourite of the Union Home Minister retired. Just immediately after the top civil service officer retires, a governorship in a state that is being run by a different political party, becomes vacant for whatever reason. Then the Union Home Minister comes out with this clever devilish idea to hopefully get this state government dismissed in a short time with a pliable governor as the head of this state. Now who would this pliable governor be? None other than the retired retired top civil service officer. This is ok with the government but not contesting polls. What stupidity, idiotic and nonsense is India's Election Commission up to. THe Election Commission appears to have forgotten what democracy is and how all citizens and residents have inalienable rights enshrined in the constitution. The Election Commission is acting as though it is an arm of a Dictatorial/Martial Law Regime. This Election Commission cannot insinuate those ex bureaucrats who contest elections immediately upon their retirement. What the EC is recommending to the government is a clear violation of the rights of the ex bureaucrats and democratic norms. This EC should be sacked and an EC that is made up by a selection consisting of the PM, the leaders of the lower and upper house and the leaders of the opposition (2nd largest majority party) in the upper and lower house, and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. This will ensure fairness and transparency in the selection and appointment of the EC. Currently it is not. Have a wonderful day.

  4. ecstatic adoration to constructive criticism