Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Global Window: Bureaucracy bashing gains currency ahead of US presidential poll

Mitt Romney, the front-runner for the Republican nomination in US presidential poll, has resorted to bureaucracy bashing understandably to make huge political gains ahead of this year’s presidential poll. Romney, who is an American businessman and politician, has blamed President Barack Obama and “the thousands upon thousands of bureaucrats that work in Washington” for their attack on free enterprise and economic freedom....

Romney had earlier served as governor of Massachusetts, and is widely respected for his business acumen. He co-founded the private equity firm Bain Capital.
Romney made the observation about bureaucracy during a campaign stop in San Diego on Monday. He accused Obama of adding 140,000 more government workers for whom the tax payers would bear the brunt. “They (bureaucrats) look at things that they can do, places that they can interfere,” Romney said.

454 bureaucrats failed to submit property returns

454 bureaucrats have not yet submitted their annual property returns, a mandatory requirement under DoPT rules. The government may even recommend action against those defaulting officials. The most of the defaulters belong to department of agriculture, ministry of home affairs and health ministry respectively.

Action and Appointments
a) Ms Vrinda Swarup, a 1981 batch UP cadre IAS, presently in the cadre, has been appointed as additional secretary in department of school education and literacy in place of Anita Kaul, a 1979 batch Karnataka cadre IAS.
b) Anoop Kumar Srivastava, a 1981 batch Assam cadre IAS, presently joint secretary, department of revenue, has been appointed as additional secretary in the ministry of social justice and empowerment in place of Ms Sangita Gairola, a 1977 batch Rajasthan cadre IAS who recently became culture secretary.

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