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Sense of The Corridor: babu blogger on Pulok, Nilekani and Facebook notings

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THE Sense of The Corridor is here. An overwhelming 38 percent visitors of babus of india (BoI) who participated in an online poll say babu blogger is a male retired bureaucrat whereas another 15 percent lock for “male serving bureaucrat”. babu blogger’s mandate is to narrate inside tales of Indian bureaucracy with strokes of accuracy and spot those trends which could later turn into rules.
But 18 percent of participants of the online poll say babu blogger is a female journalist. And another 14 percent believe babu blogger has to be a female private secretary of a minister, meaning with lots of insights about the corridors. Yet, one out of six visitors of this site say babu blogger is neither a male retired or serving bureaucrat nor is babu blogger a female journalist or a private secretary to a minister. It does not matter who babu blogger is, but here are babu blogger’s 6 best wishes for the year 12.

Let Only Pulok Be Political
In a government that has many pairs of warring ministers, read PC--Pranab and Jairam--Pawar, let top bureaucrats not fight even on one menu. Let the arrangement of principal secretary to PM Pulok Chatterji and his batch-mate cabinet secretary Ajit K Seth continue. Let Seth concentrate more on apolitical part of bureaucracy leaving Chatterji enough room for political maneuvering if and when needed.

Let Nilekani Not Fail
The Planning Commission babus’ advice to Nandan Nilekani's team is not technically wrong. But their persistent chorus of “don’t move on another track” to Nilekani’s men is now being heard outside the Plan Panel. The home ministry does not want unique identity, UIDAI, to encroach their mandate and the Planning Commission does not want to make arrangements for huge fund. But for the heaven sake, let’s not kill this unique project. Nandan’s failure means you cannot woo yet another top corporate honcho in future.

Let The Best Be At The Top
More and more bureaucrats on Central deputation have begun to believe that the state posting is cool. You can still maneuver better in the states, and rules will not chase you so much as it does at the Centre. The top-notch bureaucrats no longer lobby for getting plump jobs at economic ministries which till recently were considered lucrative. Let 2012 witness a resurgence of the best of lot making beelines for the top ministries. Let’s prevent mediocrity dictating in key ministries.

Let Performing Babu Get More Salary
The government’s decision to extend the tenure of professor-turned secretary in cabinet secretariat, Dr Prajapati Trivedi, by one year and eight months is a welcome step. The man has been fighting a losing battle to bring pay disparity among bureaucrats. Why should a high performing secretary draw the same salary of Rs 80,000 as his non-performing colleague in another ministry? Let the cabinet take a serious look at Trivedi’s excel-sheet of calculating variable pay for bureaucrats and introduce it this year.

Let ‘Yes Boss’ Be Rare
There is no point of repeating what events of 2011 taught Indian bureaucrats. Already, everyone has seen how blindly following your boss could lead you to jail. Bureaucrats are supposed to show the ministers the rule books and take all precautions before signing a file. Let top secretaries assert when a major policy decision crops up. Say what is correct, and not what is politically correct.

Tech Moves Faster Than Files
Dear babus, don’t shy away from social media. You have learnt to use emails, Blackberrys and i-Pad tablets. But tech moves much faster than your files. If social media is changing how the world thinks today, you can’t be miles behind. Read blogs, follow Twitter and experiment Facebook. Ask your son or daughter, follow them but yes, don’t hurriedly join the bandwagon. Take the same precaution in social media as you do in file-noting.
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  1. Yes, babu blogger. Random Facebooking could be disastrous. I read the news about two British police officers being sacked and disciplinary action being taken against 100 others for posting inappropriate photos or comments in Facebook. Enjoy social media, but don't get carried away. Never know, Mr Sibal or Mr Chiddambaram may be watching you closely. Very Happy New Year