Monday, November 07, 2011

Government may introduce double shifts in Central Administrative Tribunal

CAT chairman Justice VK Bali
THE government is contemplating to have double shifts in Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) to further speed up disposal of cases, minister of state in Indian Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) V Narayanasamy said at the fourth conference of CAT in New Delhi on Sunday.
Once implemented, such a move will help speedily settle complaints and other service matters of the Central government and PSU employees. The CAT came into existence in 1985, and in the last 20 years, it has disposed 4.51 lakh cases. For the Central government employees, it’s also a less costly way to get justice.
A number of government employees may not be satisfied with the performance of the CAT but judges of India’s higher judiciary have all their praises for the CAT. Justice Dalveer Bhandari, Judge of the Supreme Court of India, said that CAT has functioned as a viable substitute to the High Courts. Former Chief Justice of India, Justice JS Verma, went one step further terming CAT as “the unsung heroes of justice delivery system in India”.
Justice VK Bali, chairman of CAT, in his address said there has been an attempt to bring down the case disposal time to six months. He said that CAT has now benches at 17 different places all over the country to provide speedy and less costly justice to the employees in service related matters.

How can you ignore AK Antony’s OSD Jacob, asks a BoI reader
KV Jacob
A reader of babusofindia (BoI) has claimed Central Secretariat Service (CSS) officer Dr KV Jacob is no less important officer than Gautam Sanyal, another CSS, who BoI has recently described as the “new poster boy of India’s babudom”. A close confidante of Mamata Banerjee, Sanyal recently hogged the limelight when he was given one year’s extension after his retirement making him probably the first retired bureaucrat to head the chief minister’s office in Kolkata.
As the BoI reader has claimed, and rightly so, Dr KV Jacob is no less powerful. In 1990s, he was additional private secretary to Antony, then a minister of consumer affairs, food and public distribution. When Antony became defence minister in UPA-I, he roped in Jacob too. Jacob is now a director-ranked OSD to Union defence ministry and is an inspiration to many CSS officers in Delhi’s corridors of power. “Mr Jacob is one of the very few in civil servants to be a gold medalist in PhD in field of botany and genetics,” emailed the BoI reader.
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  1. While CAT is rendering yeoman's service for redressal of grievances of government employees, the government is generally reluctant to implement decisions of CAT and they go for appeal against the decisions thereby burdening the already overburdened High Courts. National Litigation Policy issued by Law Ministry had laid down that decisions of Tribunal will not be challenged except in very exceptional cases. Policy had also stated that existing appeals in High Courts against Tribunal's decisions shall be reviewed and withdrawn. But this policy remains only on paper and there is no change in the ground situation.

  2. Kv Jacob is a good officer but he is getting these plum postings as ak Antony is his relative.he butters ak Antony well!!..maybe after kv retires he wants a post retirement posting in Kerala!

  3. What rubbish posting by anonymous. Kv Jacob has more than 6 academic degrees with a Ph.D. I think he is accomplished to hold any posting in any Government including plum and best posts. He is more academically accomplished than most Defence Secretaries or Army Generals who have served India in history.

  4. KV Jacob is now a Joint Secretary. I think he would make a great Additional Secretary. He is known in MOD as the most efficient and most effective civil servant. Also, he is non corrupt and liked among IAS in MOD.

  5. I know Mr.Jacob for 10 years. It is a known fact that CSS officers recruited through civil services exam are highly competent and are capable like IAS. However, for strange reasons suddenly the Government stopped recruiting CSS officers from Civil Services Exam and now the cadre is filled by only Assistants. This would greatly erode the quality of Central Government and nobody is bothered about this.