Monday, November 21, 2011

Ex-IAS VS Gopalakrishnan continues his passion for singing, blogging, painting...

Comforting, a Gopalakrishnan painting
FORGET for a moment the high-voltage 24X7 drama at Raisina Hills. Instead, meet this 1962 batch former IAS officer VS Gopalakrishnan. To give a perspective of his age and time, he is 12 years senior to India’s senior-most bureaucrat, cabinet secretary AK Seth. Yes, the GenNext of Twitter, Blogging and You Tube was not even born when this veteran Maharashtra cadre IAS spent his prime time at corridors of power.
But just do a search of VS Gopalakrishnan in YouTube. You will spot hundreds of Rafi, Mukesh and Talat songs sung by him. And you will be surprised to know he is a regular blogger too. That’s not all. The babu of yesteryears continues his passion for paintings and creates masterpieces like Tabla Player, Marathi Woman, Mohenjodaro Man and Marilyn Monroe. Armed with an American diploma in cartooning 50 years ago, Gopalakrishnan is also a distinguished cartoonist and has so far published five cartoon books.
Tabla Player
Masters in physics, Gopalakrishnan took voluntary retirement from IAS in 1995, and joined Mumbai’s World Trade Centre as Director General. And don’t think he forgot his serious prose amid painting, cartooning and singing. After all, Gopalakrishnan is the author of the much acclaimed book: “WTO and India: My insights”.
babu blogger’s request: No one knows how babu blogger looks like. Nor has anyone guessed his age or sex. Dear VS Gopalakrishnan, would you kindly do a cartoon of anonymous babu blogger who has penned over 1,000 action-packed stories of hits and misses in India's corridors of power.

Action and Appointment
a) RC Mishra, a 1978 batch Manipur-Tripura cadre IAS and additional secretary, ministry of urban development, has been appointed as Central Provident Fund Commissioner under the ministry of labour and employment in the rank and pay of additional secretary in place of 1976 batch Assam cadre IAS Samirendra Chatterjee. Mishra’s central deputation tenure has also been extended till he retires on November 30, 2012.


  1. Someone should record this kind of amazaing talents of Indian bureaucrats. Even many serving bureaucrats are good painters, good writers, good singers and good actors. Gopalakrishnan sir, you should draw a caricature of unknown babu blogger. A real test of your creativity!--- A civil servant

  2. If you check is ancestry, you will find the inherited talent and not due to being a babu belonging to Maharshtra cadre


  3. Comforting is a true masterpiece sir. Congrats on such wonderful creations.

  4. Thanks for the good things said about me!!!!
    VS Gopalakrishnan

  5. Thanks for the appreciation shown!!!!!
    VS Gopalakrishnan

    (am signing as anonymous as otherwise upload is not taking place!!!!)