Thursday, March 03, 2011

US could have saved billions by streamlining its bloated bureaucracy, says report

WHY do you always blame Indian bureaucracy as wasteful and inefficient? A recent report from America’s Government Accountability Office has said that the US government could have saved billions of dollars annually by streamlining its bloated federal bureaucracy.
The 345-page long report has listed 34 areas where programs have overlapping objectives or provide similar services apart from outlining 47 other areas where the government could take steps to improve the efficiency of federal programs and agencies.
The report, however, did not hand out an estimated figure unlike in case of India’s CAG in 2G scam, but it did say that the savings and revenues could result in tens of billions of dollars in annual savings provided right actions were taken.
Republican Senator Tom Coburn who requested the report, estimates that the duplicative programs cost the government at least $100 billion annually.
The time has come for the Indian government to do a scientific assessment of loss of resources thanks to the overlapping of work by various departments.
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