Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bihar Shows The Way: On January 31 Nitish govt to make bureaucrats' assets public

THERE is nothing unofficial about it. Nitish Kumar government of Bihar has asked its bureaucrats to compulsorily submit details of their assets which would be made public by January 31. That’s not all. Those who fail to declare their assets may not get their salary too, media reports said.
Already politicians of the country need to declare their assets every time they file their nominations for contesting any elections. Now, bureaucrats in Bihar will have to file the details moveable, immoveable assets along with property details of their spouses and children. With 242 IAS officers in the state, Bihar will be the first state to publicly declare the assets of bureaucrats.
On its guidance for 2011, BoI ( wrote on December 31 that sooner or later, Indian bureaucrats may have to place the movable and immovable assets in public domain in the same way as Indian politicians currently do. “The latest salvo has come from Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar who with a renewed mandate is determined to bring in transparency and accountability to administration. Remember Nitish Kumar is the flavour of the season, and his direction to the state’s IAS officers to declare their assets and those of there kin by January 31, may have ripple effects in other states too,” BoI report said.
In fact, during the beginning of 2010, senior bureaucrats in Delhi had a brainstorming on the subject, but the consensus remained a firm “no” to disclosure. But the question is how long bureaucrats will say “no” to it?

Action and Appointments
a) Ramanand Tiwari, a 1972 batch retired IAS and chief information commissioner of Maharashtra government continues to attend office even after the state government had recommended his suspension and reportedly barred him from remaining present in office till the inquiry into Adarsh scam gets over.

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