Friday, November 19, 2010

Did 1971 batch IRS officer Manju Madhavan flag India’s Rs 1.76 lac crore 2G spectrum scam three years ago?

AN anonymous reader of has sent a long email to argue that IAS officers are much more corrupt than their counterparts in other services and how IAS officers are being used by politicians for narrow material gains. While deciding not to publish the names of corrupt IAS officers mentioned in the email because of lack of evidence, BoI Team has however found high merit in some of his/her arguments.
First the reader applauded a 1971 batch IRS officer Manju Madhavan who reportedly flagged the 2G scam. “Kudos to Ms Manju Madhavan, an IRS officer of 1971 batch, for foreseeing the biggest scam in modern India. She resigned as Member (Finance), DoT apparently upset over the decisions of the Minister and his IAS chelas. In doing so she displayed an exemplary character. People in the government know how honest and upright an officer she is,” said the reader, believed to be an IRS officer with the vast knowledge of balance of power inside the corridors of power.
A doctorate of psychology, Manju Madhavan attended a programme on fiscal de-centralization and financial management of regional and local governments at Harvard University, and then a management development programme at IIM, Bangalore. According to sources that BoI had interacted with, both Manju Madhavan and then telecom secretary DS Mathur objected to then telecom minister A Raja's decision to deliberately determine the cut-off date for receiving applications as October 1, 2007. 
The reader further claimed, “IRS is the only service which can dislodge the IAS from their positions both by their expertise (talent) and powerful service lobby. The IAS are wary of this fact and are trying their best to suppress IRS officers. It is very apparent from the CVC reports that among civil servants IAS officers are the most corrupt. The number of cases against IRS officers is the least among the civil servants. The number of disciplinary actions recommended by the CVC (incidentally headed by an IAS officer) is proof enough that IRS is not as corrupt as is perceived and IAS is as corrupt as the politicians.”

Action and Appointments
a) Director of Canadian Security Intelligence Service Robert B Fadden met Director of Intelligence Bureau Rajiv Mathur on Thursday in New Delhi during which issues such as sharing of intelligence and interception of BlackBerry service etc. came up.
b) Sheel Bhadra, a 1995 batch IRSME officer, has been debarred from deputation for a posting under the Central Staffing Scheme for a period of five years as he failed to join as Assistant Director General (Director level) in the Unique Identification Authority of India under the Planning Commission at New Delhi. The debarring is done according to para 19.3 (a) and (b) of the Central Staffing Scheme.
c) Premanshu Biswas, a 1990 batch IOFS who was recommended for Central deputation by the ministry of defence, has been selected for appointment as director in the department of industrial policy and promotion, New Delhi for a period of five years.


  1. Thats right. I fully agree with the reader. It was very disgusting to read in the newspaper today that a new CBI chief is being selected by a group of top brass consisting of the CVC, Home Secretary and Personnel Secretary - all IAS officers. This clearly shows that the IPS officers are at the mercy of IAS officers, that too junior officers. People should understand one thing. The heads of CBI, CRPF, CISF, BSF, ITBP, SSB, NSG and IB are Addl.Secretary rank officers. These are the highest ranks to which an IPS officer can reach. Come on man where the hell is the IPS lobby. Atleast the heads of these Paramilitary forces and central police organizations should be of Secretary rank. Come on fight this injustice. You are laying your life down for the country. you deserve better treatment.

  2. I do not agree with the argument and inferences drawn claiming IRS are the holy cows while IAS and other etc. are most corrupt. IRS is equally corrupt service and a large number of them have amassed enormous wealth disproportionate to their known sources of income. What is the test of honesty? One can only be judged as honest when he successfully shuns an environment of allurements around him while performing day to day work. When no opportunity of making money prevails then everyone is honest.
    I am unable to digest the honesty gospel of IRS officers. In my view they are even more corrupt then IAS. As per their functional requirements, they deal with such businessmen who generally are evading taxes, Hence a thief would not mind sharing a small portion of his booty with another willing usurper. There is no complaint from any of the parties involved as settlement is to the mutual benefit of both.
    The examination of their property returns from the date of joining and then review at every five year interval would throw interesting data. Most of them have amassed wealth either on their own name or on the name of family members or relatives or under benami property through plunders in form of corruption.
    Who will police the police is the question? It is not possible in this country where deep rooted nexus of criminal bureaucrats and politician exists and democracy is dynastic, feudal and unequal. Robespierre is required to chop their heads in public place.

  3. yes when you are collecting honey from flowers some of the honey remains for licking ! yes, but we need to go deep into this: do we have the expertise to check our civil servants before recruitment and make a profiling every year to check their conscience quotient: do we have counsellors to guide them in dilemmas midlife crisis and when they are caught by mafia gang and numbered for human and inhumane killings which we watch vicariously but noone comes to help in such situations. the poor honest officer is left to fend for himself and he is thus an extint animal after 60 yrs of independence. would we not been better off with the british around. they have left the country, but their attitudes are picked up and retained by our so so-called bureaucrats who have happily stepped into their shoes: the so called indian civil service office of 200 yrs still exists but instead of the fair skin he is brown skinned, that is the only difference!?