Monday, October 11, 2010

SX4 Enters Power Corridors: An ordinary bureaucrat can now race with cabinet secretary

IF YOU are a government employee, either serving or retired, you have a chance to give a tough competition to none other than India’s top bureaucrat, cabinet secretary, quite literally. Maruti Suzuki in its latest advertisement for its sedan, SX4, has announced giving special offers for government employees including those who have retired, if they want to buy an SX4. The price tag of an SX4 is Rs 6.92 lakh and above, but thanks to the discounts in this festival season, a retired or serving bureaucrat can own it up at a much lesser price.
Incidentally, the official car of cabinet secretary KM Chandrasekhar and that of some Members in Planning Commission including Arun Maira, happen to be white SX4 sedans. But unlike those you would like to buy, those VIP SX4 are fitted with red lights on the top.
Though SX4 is not a very fuel-efficient car, it gives a mileage of 15.5 km per litre of petrol, it has a CNG version too. But with automatic climate control and integrated stereo, the SX4 is a luxury from the Maruti stable. As its advertisement says, it is “Power, Glory and …SX4”. After all, it’s Maruti’s attempt to enter India’s corridors of power!

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