Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Newly-appointed Tamil Nadu chief secretary S Malathi’s philosophy of mind and body

MANY people know her as an upright officer, but very few can gauge her intellectual mind. A 1977 batch IAS S Malathi, who has been appointed as chief secretary of Tamil Nadu, only the second woman to clinch the top bureaucrat’s post in the state, wrote a mind-boggling piece sometime ago, narrating her life after she was diagnosed with cancer of the breast seven years ago.
“I have come to understand that the fear I experienced at the time of diagnosis was more to do with the process of dying than with death itself…The fact is that nothing stops for anybody and individuals really do not matter in the bigger canvas of life. It’s a tremendously humbling feeling to realise I’m just another actor with a role to play. Life is too beautiful to be spent in self-pity,” Malathi wrote in “Indiainteracts” in an article dated January, 2007.
A postgraduate in zoology and diploma-holder in development finance from Britain’s Birmingham University, Malathi has always been posted in the state, taking up many a challenging role including state’s home secretary and vigilance commissioner. During the AIADMK regime, she was implicated in a flyover scam case, which later turned out to be a case of political vendetta. The case was dropped later.
Here is an excerpt of her philosophy of life, courtesy “Indiainteracts”
“If you are one of those diagnosed with cancer, believe me, it’s not the end. For all you know it may be the beginning of a totally new and enjoyable life. If, however, you are one of the fortunate ones not suffering from cancer, be grateful and learn to live each day as it comes. Take care of your mind and body because one affects the other”.

Action and appointments
a) Uday Kumar Varma, a 1976 batch MP cadre IAS, presently special secretary, in the ministry of information and broadcasting has been appointed as secretary, ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises.
b) Brijeshwar Singh, a 1975 batch Tamil Nadu cadre IAS, will continue as chairman, National Highways Authority of India for another three months. The appointment, on contract basis, will be for three months with effect from September 1, 2010. or till a regular incumbent takes over, whichever is earlier.
c) The proposal of the ministry of road transport and highways for extension in Central deputation tenure of joint secretary Saroj Kumar Dash, a 1980 batch Himachal Pradesh cadre IAS, for a period of three months beyond November 27, 2010, has been approved.
d) The proposal for premature repatriation of Dilip Rath, a 1979 batch West Bengal cadre IAS to his parent cadre, has been approved.
e) Ms Esther Sakunthala Kar, a 1983 batch IIS has been appointed as joint secretary, in the National Commission for Minorities under the ministry of minority affairs.
f) Gudey Srinivas, a 1990 batch Orissa cadre IAS, presently working as director in the ministry of mines has been appointed as joint secretary in that ministry.


  1. Great, I am impressed by such exceptional members of the steel frame. Please carry more such stories.

  2. Thanks Babus of India Team, concentrating in this type of annecdots encourage me and my family a lot.

  3. 1977 batch IAS S Malathi's inner strength is highly appreciable, we should follow her during the very high upset period of ours. Mind and Body is made for each other.

  4. And Mrs Malathy is no more now. May her soul rest in peace!!

  5. the honest upright so-called clean civil service is in fear of extinction?!