Wednesday, June 09, 2010

New civil services accountability bill may prescribe demotion as punishment

IS the proposed civil services performance and accountability bill meant for punishing those civil servants who are found to be wrongdoers? According to a report by Times of India quoting cabinet secretary KM Chandrasekhar, the piece of legislation is mainly to make the civil services more accountable. The report, however, has not mentioned what are the incentives for those civil servants who are performers. (Also Read: Making the secretaries lakhpatis)

The department of personnel and training (DoPT)-piloted bill will codify existing rules and provide for clearer and more uniform penalties for misconduct, the report added. The bill will, in fact, give statutory form to service rules and provide for penal clauses to punish wrongdoers. The draft of the bill lists out stoppage of increments among others as punishments for charges like insubordination, lack of devotion to duty or failure to maintain integrity. Also, major penalties include demotion and dismissal from service, the report further said.

“Dr Faisal has made the entire state proud by standing first in the civil services examination. He received all his education in institutions of Jammu and Kashmir. His success is a proof that the educational institutions in the state are no less than other educational institutions of our country.” Dr Manmohan Singh speaking in Srinagar on Monday.

The man behind Rashmi’s success in civil services
The story of Rashmi Siddharth Zagade, a housewife from Pune, who secured the 169th rank in this year’s civil services examination, is quite romantic and inspiring. The secret of her success was none other her husband Siddharth Zagade who incidentally is a school drop out. According to media reports, he dreamed to become an IAS, but had to discontinue his studies after the death of his father. Now, he says he has realized the dream through his wife. Is there a man behind every successful woman?

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