Wednesday, May 12, 2010

UPSC complains to DoPT of late receipt of disciplinary cases of officers

THE Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has complained that references of disciplinary matters of government officers from various ministries or departments are being sent to the UPSC only a few days before the retirement of the concerned official thereby making a mockery of the entire system of the Commission giving advice in such cases.
“The Commission has again brought to the notice of this Department (DoPT) that the references on disciplinary matters from various ministries/departments are being received in the UPSC only a few days before the officer is due to retire or where a deadline set by a judicial order is to expire shortly, thereby leaving little time for the Commission to tender its advice”, a DoPT Office Memo dated May 10,2010, said.
In fact, the disciplinary proceeding are quasi-judicial in nature, the UPSC tenders its advice after a thorough judicious and independent consideration of all relevant facts, which generally takes three to four months.

Babus expected to spill the bins?
The UP cadre IAS officers who were slapped by Enforcement Directorate (ED) with money laundering cases in connection with Rs 4,721 crore Noida land scam, are expected to spill the bins and name top brass of Samajwadi Party who were in power when the scam allegedly took place in 2006-2007. Apart from four IAS, three serving and one retired, a number of state civil servants are being charged with money laundering cases, according to media reports.

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  1. first UPSC should do its duty impartially... it is filled with crooks how can it direct or complain against others. i can cite many negligence including mine own case.
    james peter