Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Maharashtra Mirror: Chavan attempts to do a Modi by Chintan with bureaucrats

GUJARAT chief minister Narendra Modi could still be a political pariah in the Congress-ruled states, but Maharashtra chief minister Ashok Chavan’s latest Chintan with bureaucrats was an attempt to do a Modi, though his execution was not as stylish as it was done by Modi.
In fact, Gujarat CM in December last got all senior bureaucrats and politicians together in tented camps in an exotic locale of Rann of Kutch to brainstorm administrative issues in a four-day-long meet. For Chavan, who have now advised his bureaucrats to treat aam aadmi as their role models, it was more a realization that motivating the bureaucrats to perform would be key to his strategy of getting a positive mandate next time.
In Chvan’s 48-hour brain storming session with bureaucrats, the major emphasis was to bring in more discipline and accountability into the system, and adhering project deadlines was almost a dictate.
The Maharashtra government has now constituted a task force under chief secretary JP Dange to fix deadlines for every department. And it would not be a pure bureaucratic exercise as if targets were not met, even cabinet ministers would have to answer.
Maybe, Modi should now take a few tips from Chavan!
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